5 min Future Tech: New Games in New Places
Come learn about three new game-related projects in development at Google's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group: Soli, Jacquard, and Spotlight Stories. These future-tech capabilities enable completely new game experiences. How will YOU use them?

Aaron Cammarata,
Technical Project Lead, ATAP
5 min Launching Successful VR and AR Games with Google
Immersive computing (AR and VR) will redefine the way we interact with information and experience the world. That's why Google created Daydream for VR and Tango for AR. This talk will give developers an understanding of the two platforms, discuss opportunities for developers on each, discuss how Google can potentially partner with developers on projects, and most importantly talk about customer discovery of the content once it's been created and approved to be published.

Michael Almeraris,
VR/AR Gaming and Store Lead
5 min Interactive Storytelling with Daydream & Jump
VR is the next great storytelling medium. People can now experience and truly be inside of stories and places in a way that isn’t possible with a 2d screen, and goes beyond just a linear narrative. VR makes it possible not just to transport people to another world, but to take people to amazing places inside of this world. Come learn about Jump and how you can bring captured content together with narrative game design to bring people inside of your stories.

Emily Price,
Product Manager, Google Jump
5 min Building a Scalable Multiplayer Backend in 5 Minutes
In this talk we will build an entire multiplayer game backend on Kubernetes in 5 minutes, and then play our game on top of it! In this time we will take a look at software containers with Docker, and how we can use them with Kubernetes, to power common tasks like deployment, logging, health checking and most importantly - scaling your backend.

Marc Mandel,
Developer Advocate, Google Cloud Platform
5 min Virtual Story Telling through Virtual World Building 
We'll discuss how we've gone from cave paintings on walls to immersive virtual worlds and what technology will serve as the platform to enable continuing these stories. We'll look under the hook for developing on platforms like Improbable's SpatialOS which allows you to build scalable and persistent worlds in a Virtual environment.
Daniel Grachanin
Product Manager, Google Cloud Gaming
5 min Going Further with FlatBuffers
This talk introduces you to some powerful FlatBuffers tools you may not know to exist, such as schema-less FlatBuffers, the object API, GRPC support, in-place mutation, in-place binary search, proto translation and reflection!

Wouter Van Oortmerssen,
Software Engineer, Fun Propulsion Labs, Google
5 min Firebase for Games
Building games is challenging and making sure they provide you with a living is even harder. This talk covers how to utilize Firebase to build experiences, re-engage players and grow your audience in your C++ or Unity games.

Stewart Miles,
Software Engineer, Firebase and Fun Propulsion Labs at Google
5 min Hyper Growth of Mobile Gaming on YouTube
A look at Gaming on YouTube and how mobile gaming content is in a state of hyper growth on the platform with an explosive 2016. We'll do a deep dive into how we are thinking about mobile gaming, streamline the capturing of mobile content and how events like King's Cup are leading our content initiative.

Lester Chen,
Global Head of Esports, YouTube Gaming
5 min Top 3 Essentials for Growth with Google
This talk will tell you about the Top 3 ways Google is an essential partner for building thriving games businesses. We will touch on the breadth of Google’s knowledge of game discovery and consumption, and will show how Google’s machine learning enables marketers to draw powerful insights on growth and monetization.

Dan Stephen,
App Partnerships Manager, Ads
5 min Machine Learning, Games and You
What can machine learning actually do for your game? In this talk, I’ll discuss the matches (and mismatches) between research and the realities of publishing games. I’ll introduce TensorFlow -- an open source machine learning library -- in a game-developer friendly way, and look to the future of where machine learning can help developers create fresh, exciting games. This talk is suitable for developers without prior experience in ML.

Wolff Dobson,
Developer Programs Engineer, Machine Learning
5 min How to make more money than the person sitting next to you
Google Play Billing gives developers many tools to earn money from their games. Learn three ways how developers are taking advantage of the latest features to grow their business.

Larry Yang,
Senior Product Manager, Play Commerce
5 min Designing a Google Doodle game
How do you make a game for a billion users? Take a quick look into the Google Doodle's unique set of game design constraints.

Ben McMahan,
Software Engineer, Google Doodle Team