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JinJa Birkenbeuel is the founder and co-host of new start up The Honest Field Guide podcast. JinJa is also CEO of Birk Creative, a branding, social and digital technology and management consulting agency that specializes in digital transformation. JinJa's unique ability to spark fresh innovations for her customer's brands comes from the vibrant conversation and intimate client engagement she and her team employs during a collaborative discovery process.

JinJa is one of the Forty Founding Women of the Women In Entrepreneurship Institute, the nation’s first comprehensive Institute for women founders that integrates academic learning, research, incubation, funding and public policy. JinJa was also recently appointed by City of Chicago Mayor Emanuel to serve as an adviser on the Chicago Business Council, a group comprised of prominent and established Chicago-based business owners that have locations around the city's 77 neighborhoods. JinJa serves on the Board of Directors of the Jewish-Black Business Alliance, a group formed around the legacy of the American Jew's advocacy of the American Black during Jim Crow but with a focused mission to convene people in Chicago to work together for shared economic justice. JinJa is also a composer, songwriter, artist and publisher with ASCAP and the Harry Fox Agency. 

Founded in 1997, Birk Creative helps you find blind spots and gaps in your brand strategy so you can connect or transform your business processes to create desired outcomes. Birk Creative is comprised of divergent thinkers that can unlock business opportunities you didn't know existed, and transform your mindset about how to convert those opportunities into customers. Birk Creative customers expect and are provided agility, positive energy, amplified conversation, measurable strategies and outstanding customer service. Client industry verticals are in diverse industries like technology, retail, education, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, transit, tourism, law, art and culture and traditional and renewable energy. 

JinJa Birkenbeuel is a professional publisher and developer of printed and eBooks for authors, entrepreneurs, brands and institutions through her publishing company Birkdigital.

JinJa has a professional music composition studio Stomping Ground Studios which creates original songs, jingles and sound effects to complement Birk Creative advertising assignments. Visit 

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