Chromebook for Education Masterclass for Beginners 

This session is for those new to Chromebooks and covers: how to get started, keyboard and keyboard shortcuts, adding Apps and Extensions, working with files, personalising your Chromebook, and Accessibility features. 

Google for Education Tools for Beginners 

If you're brand new to Google for Education, this is for you. In this session, you'll get an overview of a variety of tools that will allow you to become more productive and collaborate with colleagues and students online. It's suitable for any member of staff working in a school or educational institution using Google for Education and includes lots of tips & tricks to get you up and running in no time!

Google Classroom for Beginners 


Aimed at teachers and teaching assistants working with children who have not used Google Classroom much or at all to manage learning in one place. You will be able to follow along and create a Classroom of your own in your own Google Workspace for Education account as we go through the content.

Getting Started with Google Classroom for Primary Schools 

Throughout the webinar, you will see how to set up your classroom, learn how to create assignments and many more helpful tips to help you transform your teaching and learning pedagogy and workflow. Whether you are teaching online or in person, Google Classroom will help simplify your year while engaging students and creating connections at home. Please feel free to watch or follow along and complete your own Google Classroom tasks to suit your needs.

Getting Started with Google Classroom for Secondary Schools

Google Classroom is a great tool for teachers and students of all ages. This session focuses on using Classroom to create engaging learning experiences specifically for secondary school students.

Google Workspace Skills for Beginners - Drive, Docs & Slides 

Aimed at teachers and learning support who are relatively new to Google Workspace or need a refresher. This session will take you through Google Drive, the cloud based storage you can access anywhere, anytime from any device. We will look at; how you can manage your own Drive, collaborate easily with others and share key documents, planning and resources. Collaborate in a Google Doc to see edits happen live, as well as exploring version history (an incredibly impactful tool to review learning as well as see who contributed what to your document). We will also look at Slides to make sure you feel comfortable bringing existing resources in other formats into Google Drive and converting them to be collaborative where necessary.

Google Workspace Skills for Beginners - Google Meet 

Aimed at teachers and school leaders who are looking at how to utilise video conferencing.Google Meet has changed a lot in a short space of time. Are you up to speed on the new features for engagement and security? If you are paying for any video calling solution this would also help you understand whether you need to continue doing so. Learn how you can set up the meet for different scenarios, from parent meetings to distance learning. Bring experts to enhance your curriculum or simply make sure you have a secure environment for your students accessing learning from beyond your Classroom. 

Google Workspace Skills for Beginners - Google Forms 

Aimed at teachers fairly new to using Google Workspace, this session focuses on the survey and quiz tool, Google Forms. This is a great starting point for teachers, teaching assistants and support staff as you can easily collect data, feedback or requests/suggestions from people using a single link. For teachers, Google Forms allows you to create a self-marking quiz that can be sent individually or via Google classroom or other platforms to learners.

Google Workspace Skills for Beginners - Gmail & Calendar 

Aimed at the busy teacher or administrator who wants to get organised and on top of communication. You will learn how to work with your emails and calendar in a more productive way, leaving time for other aspects of your work.

Google Workspace Skills for Beginners - Jamboard

Aimed at teachers and teaching assistants who have not used Google Jamboard. This session will give you the confidence to use Jamboard as a collaborative digital whiteboard.