IT Admins


Managing Chrome Devices in your school 

In this session we explore how to manage Chrome OS Devices in the Admin Console, including: enrolling devices, common device settings for schools, user and browser settings and adding apps and extensions.

Using Chromebooks in an O365 environment 

This session is aimed at schools and colleges using Chromebooks with Microsoft Office 365. We look at: how to setup your devices to enable simple sign in to Office 365 - either by Managed Guest Session or Single Sign On (by Organisational Unit if required) and also how to add Office 365 Apps and Android Applications.

10 reasons why you need Chrome Education Upgrade

Join us to find out more about the benefits of managing your Chromebooks with a Chrome Education Upgrade. We explore the key features for schools and colleges to help you get the most appropriate setup for your devices, for use at school & home.

Managing Google Workspace for Education School's Domain


In this session we explore how to manage your school domain in the Admin Console. We will cover user management (including Organisational Units), Apps (looking at the common setup for schools) and Reporting. 

Managing Chromebooks and Windows 10 devices through the Admin Console

The advanced management of Chromebooks and Windows devices is the showcase of this session. See how the Admin Console can become a central hub for the management and administration of these devices in your environment.

Security Features every Admin Needs to Know 


In this session we focus on security features in the different editions of Google Workspace for Education and how they support IT administrators with key visibility and remediation tools for your domain. 

Safer Learning with Google Workspace for Education

Privacy and security are built into the very foundation of Google for Education. Learn about new and existing features of Google Workspace and Chromebooks that IT Admins can use to make sure everyone in the organisation can collaborate and share in a secure and effective way.