Office Staff


Getting productive with Gmail and Calendar 

So much of our work revolves around our email and calendar, it's helpful to know all the features in Gmail and Calendar that can help us be productive, save us time and improve communication and collaboration between all the school's staff and community. In this session we'll take a tour of both tools, showing some useful settings and quick tips to help you get the most out of working in Google Workspace for Education.

Sharing and Creating in Drive 


 Working in Google Drive gives you the power to collaborate with your collegues in real time - sharing documents, commenting on them and co-editing. When you're new to working in the cloud, the different levels of sharing permissions, the difference between a shared folder and a Shared Drive and so on can be confusing. In this session we will look at creating Docs, Slides and Sheets from Drive, and then focus on the different sharing options, best practice in Drive organisation and answer any questions you have to help you be confident in sharing from Drive!

Getting Familiar with Google Sheets 


Google Sheets is an important tool for office and admin staff as a way to record, sort and analize data. If you're used to spreadsheets, but not to Google Sheets, this session can help you see just how easy it can be to get used to Google's spreadsheet tool. In this session you will learn how to use =importrange in sheets, apply conditional formatting, use data validation , set notifications for changes, use the explore tool for data investigation and use add-ons to generate merged letters, files or emails. 

Data Collection and Handling with Forms and Sheets 

Forms are so versatile in collecting information from students, parents or colleagues. In this session we'll dive into the different settings for external and internal use Forms.We will create 2 forms:a parent contact Form to collect messages from parents and a customer service form to collect information from colleagues After we have created the Forms we will explore how we can view responses in different ways andcarry out basic data manipulation in Sheets.