The must-attend Program to join this year

We are happy to introduce Google for Startups: Growth Academy for non-gaming apps. This is an immersive online program for Ukrainian and Belarusian most promising startups to accelerate their businesses with the best of Google: educational workshops, ongoing 1:1 mentoring sessions with industry experts, and unique networking opportunities with like minded community.

The Program is aimed to support the local startup ecosystem and help highly-motivated teams grow and achieve significant results. This is an equity-free educational and mentorship program designed to help startups to build their products and scale success.

The Growth Academy is the 3-month online program taking place September to December 2020 for teams of startupers who want to increase their expertise and grow their businesses. During the program the participants will go through a Develop → Grow → Earn cycle. Main language of the Program is English. More info about the content and topics agenda can be found below or in the FAQ section.

Application process closed. If you have any questions regarding your application statusplease contact the organizing committee via




Who should apply?

Google is looking for non-gaming startups, matching the main criteria below (full list of requirements can be found here):

  • Businesses operating from Ukraine or Belarus;
  • Mobile Apps businesses or those who have strong focus and strategy to grow their apps business to complement the web;
  • Non-gaming apps: utilities, retail, finance, media, entertainment, etc.;
  • Registered as a business entity;
  • Prototype / first version of the app is ready and published either in App Store or in Play Store, or in Test Flight (If published, the app must have a rating not lower than 4 stars);
  • Apps developed according to Play Store Developer and App Store Developer guidelines;
  • Willing to develop their business and grow globally.

Please note, that the participating team representing a business should consist of 4-5 members, each leading one of the areas: marketing and growth, product strategy, design, development, etc. (more info about this can be found in the FAQ section).

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Growth Academy:
Value for startups

Growth Academy helps startups to increase customers, generate more revenue, and internationalize their business operations (depending on the market).

During the program, a cohort of 10 participating startups receive:

  • Customized and fresh industry data from Google Analytical Lead;
  • Workshops on product development and business growth delivered by professionals from apps and business world;
  • Ongoing mentoring sessions with industry experts;
  • Assigned Google advisor for each Participant; 
  • Networking opportunities with other startups in your cohort.

Meet our speakers

MODULE 1:  Research and Develop
Andrey Lipattsev photo

Andrey Lipattsev  

Andrey has over 10 years of experience at Google all over the world focusing on improving search and user experience. More about Andrey here.

Austin Keeble photo

Austin Keeble  

Austin is the Founder of Human Robot and Distinguished Faculty Member at General Assembly, a lifelong learner and student. More about Austin here.

Mariusz Gasiewski photo

Mariusz Gasiewski  

Mariusz is leading mobile gaming initiatives at Google in Warsaw and support growth of its mobile gaming ecosystem. More about Mariusz here.

Olena Figurna photo

Olena Figurna

Lena, Google Principal Analytical Lead, analyzes big data and extractes actionable analytics for clients.
More about Lena here.

Sergey Bogoslovskiy photo

Sergey Bogoslovskiy

Sergey is R&D Officer at Genesis Tech and CEO at Evercon with expertise in product development and startup management. More about Sergey here.

Yaroslav Stepanenko photo

Yaroslav Stepanenko  

Yaroslav. is Ph.D., creative, entrepreneurial and customer-centric product marketing professional.
More about Yaroslav here.

Alexandr Galkin photo

Alexandr Galkin

Alexandr, Co-Founder & CEO of Competera, is experienced in product development and management. More about Alexandr here.

Marko Petkovic photo

Marko Petkovic

Marko is the founder & CEO of Peaksel with 14 years of experience in creating and marketing digital products as an entrepreneur. More about Marko here.

Oleh Kolomiets photo

Oleh Kolomiets

Oleh is Engineering manager, Android Tech Lead at Uptech with 5+ years of hands-on experience in different industies. More about Oleh here.

Andriy Bas photo

Andriy Bas

Andriy is an engineer and entrepreneur, passionate about building products. Co-founder & CEO at Plai, co-founder at Uptech. More about Andriy here.

MODULE 1:  Connect and Engage Users
Andriy Umansky photo

Andriy Umansky

Andriy is Product Manager at, obsessed with consumer value & product-oriented engineering. More about Andriy here.