Requirements to the Applicants

Below are requirements to the Participant of Google for Startups: Growth Academy:

  • Businesses operating from Ukraine or Belarus;
  • Mobile Apps businesses or those who have strong focus and strategy to grow their apps business to complement the web;
  • For this program we are considering only non-gaming apps: utilities, retail, finance, media, entertainment, etc.;
  • All participants must have already been registered as a business entity;
  • Prototype / first version of the app is ready and published either in App Store or in Play Store, or in Test Flight:
    • The published app must have at least the 4-star rating;
  • Apps developed according to Play Store Developer and App Store Developer guidelines;
  • Preference is given to export-oriented apps, who already provide services and operate in several countries with plans to expand globally;
  • Preference is given to apps with 50K+ downloads.

If you do not meet the criteria above, you can apply to become the Listener of the Growth Academy. As a Listener, you would be able to get access to sessions (lectures from the app world professionals), but you won't be offered mentorship. More about different types of access to the Academy can be found in the FAQ section here.

If you have any additional questions regarding the requirements, do not hesitate to reach out our organizing committee via


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