Meet our industry experts

We've invited Googlers and experts from around the world to speak with you about the topics on our agenda.

HOST of the program

Elena Lobova photo


Elena Lobova

Elena Lobova is the founder of ACHIEVERS HUB, a platform that unites indie developers with investors, publishers, services and mentors from all around the world. Elena has a track record for growing a game development outsourcing company iLogos from 30 to 300+ employees, founding and organizing a game developers conference Get IT in Ukraine, consulting and helping various studios on business development.

Elena enjoys traveling, networking, sharing and connecting people with great ideas. She is also a creator of Ukrainian Game Development Industry Guide and a co-organizer of online pitching event Global Games Pitch, hyper casual game jam Going Hyper, and games industry networking dinners around the world. 

We are happy to welcome Elena to the program as the host for all our educational sessions and practical blocks.

MODULE 1:  Research and Develop

Alexandr Galkin

Alexandr Galkin photo


Alexandr is Co-Founder & CEO of Competera – a pricing platform for retailers. The company was launched in 2014 and has evolved from a competitive data provider into a comprehensive AI-backed pricing platform with 100 clients across 26 countries.

He is highly experienced in product development, project management, IT outsourcing, and creating, managing, and developing eCommerce projects. Alexandr’s expert pieces have been featured by a dozen notable publications like Forbes, Progressive Grocer, and Retail TouchPoints.

Meet Alexandr at the session dedicated to value-based pricing: how to determine “the right price” for your product” in the module 1:  Research and Develop.


Andrey Lipattsev

Andrey Lipattsev photo


Andrey has over 10 years experience at Google focusing on improving search and user experience. Nowadays he travels the world (pandemic permitting) with AMP components, Service Workers and Web APIs in his backpack handing them out to anyone who will have them.

Meet Andrey at the session entitled "App, Web or both?" in the module 1:  Research and Develop.

Andrii Bereznikov

Andrii Bereznikov photo


Andrii is Customer Engineer at Google Cloud Platform Team.

His main task is to help the largest customers in the CEE region to achieve their business goals with Google Cloud tools. Specifically Andrii is responsible for the development of architectural solutions, risk and cost assessment, as well as consultations during execution. 

Meet Andrii at the session entitled "Developing CloudNative applications with Google Cloud Platform" in the module 1:  Research and Develop. Also in this module Andrii will cover topic of Site Reliability Engineering.


Andriy Bas

Andriy Bas photo


Co-founder & CEO at Plai (, people and performance management software for teams. Plai helps thousands of organizations align the team with OKRs, inspire growth with feedback and praise, effortless performance/360° reviews, and effective 1:1s.

Andriy (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) is an engineer and entrepreneur, passionate about building products. Also team-lead and co-founder at Uptech (, a design and development company.

Meet Andriy at the session dedicated to choosing the right technology stack for the app in the module 1:  Research and Develop.

Also you will meet Andriy in the module 2: Connect and Engage Users on the session about DesignSprint overview.  

Austin Keeble

Austin Keeble photo


Austin is the Founder of Human Robot and Distinguished Faculty Member at General Assembly, a company providing businesses with dynamic courses in coding, data, design, and business. Through teaching and designing, he lives out his mission to improve the experiences people can have with technology, education, organizations, and each other.

Previously, he has served as a UX and Design Lead with Sky, STA Travel, Audi AG and The Financial Times. As a lifelong learner and student, he’s taught 80+ design workshops and courses for over 4,000 students with companies like Google, Schibsted Media Group, and Axel Springer.

Meet Austin at the session about Dos & Don'ts of Interface Design in the module 1: Research and Develop.

Ksenia Butyrina

Ksenia Butyrina photo


Ex-Lead Product Designer at Livingston Research, Lecturer and Mentor at Projector, and a UX Consultant.

For the past 8 years, Ksenia has been working on designing mobile applications and web services for the largest consulting companies and educational startups. Aside from her work as a designer, Ksenia leads mobile application design courses and design workshops. She has been lucky to teach and graduate more than 100 young professionals. Currently Ksenia is self-employee, leading design consulting services working with a wide range of startups.

Ksenia is passionate about new mobile technologies, sharing her knowledge and experiences with others. Her goal is to create value for products by creating value for people.

Meet Ksenia at the session entitled "12 questions to provide the best mobile experience" in the module 2: Connect and Engage Users.

Mariusz Gasiewski

Mariusz Gasiewski photo


Mariusz Gasiewski has been with Google since 2007. He is leading mobile gaming initiatives at Google for Startups Campus in Warsaw and at Google, supporting growth of mobile gaming ecosystem in Poland and in CEE region.

During most of his career was helping some of Google’s biggest clients in Central and Eastern Europe in preparation and implementation of mobile measurement strategies. He is a frequent speaker at gaming and mobile conferences and a founder of GameCamp (, one of the biggest mobile gaming communities in Europe.

Meet Mariusz at the session which will be dedicated to apps industry overview in the module 1:  Research and Develop.

Marko Petkovic

Marko Petkovic photo


Marko is the founder & CEO of Peaksel (, a mobile dev and publishing company based in Serbia. Marko has 14 years of experience in creating and marketing digital products as an entrepreneur. More than 400 million people have used these products up to date.

He has a 5-year-old son, Filip, and they love playing horror games together. 

Meet Marko at the session about finding right business model in the module 1:  Research and Develop.


Max Samorukov

Max Samorukov photo


Max is the Chief Products Officer at Crazy Panda since 2010, CEO/Founder at AppMagic since 2016. Also Max is an expert in the mobile apps market, analytics, people hiring & traffic management.

Meet Max at the session dedicated to the understanding of your competitors in the module 1:  Research and Develop.

Oleh Kolomiets

Oleh Kolomiets photo


Engineering Manager, Android Tech Lead at Uptech (

Oleh (LinkedIn, Facebook) is an open-minded engineer with 5+ years of hands-on experience in different industries, especially e-commerce (DollarShaveClub, Goat). He is interested in new technologies, mentorship, and sharing his experience with the community.  

Meet Oleh at the session about to choosing the right technology stack for your app in the module 1:  Research and Develop. Also in this module he will deliver topic to the building for Android.

Olena Figurna

Olena Figurna photo


Lena is the Principal Analytical Lead in Google Ukraine, who is responsible for analyzing big data volumes and extracting actionable analytics for biggest Google clients in Ukraine. Lena provides insights through reactive and proactive analysis of verticals and markets.

Also she believes that Data Is King.

Meet Lena at the session about tools for market analysis in the module 1:  Research and Develop.


Oles Petriv

Oles Petriv photo


Co-founder and CTO at Reface.

For the last nine years, Oles has been actively researching and developing computer vision and natural language processing systems. Starting from 2018, he's working on the face swap technology at Reface with a successful launch of the internationally viral app Reface.

He has extensive experience in video processing using deep learning methods for detecting objects and actions, predicting image depth maps, semantic segmentation and generating subtitles for images and video studios in Hollywood. With VideoGorillas, he worked on the 4x resolution increasing in videos and the restoration of Orson Welles’s latest movie for Netflix. Together with a team at Reface, he developed and implemented a face swap technology for photos, GIFs and videos - one-of-a-kind universal neural network that is trained to swap any human faces in real-time with just one photo. More than 44 million users have already tried technology.

Meet Oles at the session entitled '"How Applied Machine Learning Are Transforming The Future Of Synthesized Media" in the module 1:  Research and Develop.

Sergei Sokolenko

Sergei Sokolenko photo


Sergei is leading Product Management for Streaming Analytics at Google. In the past he led product management at Amazon and Microsoft. Also he founded Cuesense, a startup for text analytics.

Sergei has an MBA degree from the Wharton School, USA, and an MS degree from the Technical University of Munich, Germany.

Meet Sergei at the session dedicated to apps architectural patterns in the module 1: Research and Develop.

Sergey Bogoslovskiy

Sergey photo


Sergey is R&D Officer at Genesis Tech and CEO at Evercon. Among his achievements:

  • foundation of the social networking web product, which got to the TOP 15 company by revenue in the niche in six month;
  • launch of the mobile app marketplace ($1+ mln monthly revenue today);
  • building retention function for the product with 30+ mln users from scratch.

His key expertise includes marketing analytics, product discovery and development, startup management.

Meet Sergey at the session about market analysis and defining product market fit in the module 1:  Research and Develop.

Yaroslav Stepanenko

Yaroslav Stepanenko photo


Yaroslav is Ph.D., creative, entrepreneurial and customer-centric product marketing professional with 13 years of experience in scaling products, features and services that improve customer experience and grow the commercial success.

He is the global speaker on growth and product marketing strategies. Also Yaroslav is:

  • Product Marketing Manager at MacPaw, 
  • Co-founder at Growth Marketing Stage,
  • Co-founder at CONFIDENCEconf.

Meet Yaroslav at the session dedicated to the launch of your product in the module 1:  Research and Develop.

MODULE 2:  Connect and Engage Users

Alex Grach

Alex Grach photo


As head of sales, Alex is responsible for AppsFlyer commercial strategy in the EMEA region. Since joining AppsFlyer company in 2015 he was a part of its scaling from 50-employee startup to the company with 1 000 people, who become a strong mobile attribution and marketing analytics market leader with 16 offices around the globe.

Prior to that Alex was in charge of business development in a number of early-stage startups in Israel. He spent the first 5 years of his career at Intel and Cisco in various sales and marketing roles.

Meet Alex at the session entitled "Defining the right KPIs for your app" in the module 2: Connect and Engage Users.

Andriy Umansky

Andriy Umansky photo


Andriy is Product Manager at He is responsible for monetization products at the oldest and biggest art-related social network.

Andriy's product management career starts with graphical design and project management in productivity start-ups. He is obsessed with consumer value and product-oriented engineering culture.  

Meet Andriy at the session about how to prioritize your product backlog in the module 2: Connect and Engage Users.

Dmytro Sorokin

Dmytro Sorokin photo


Dmytro Sorokin is Project Manager Officer and Product Owner at pdfFiller, airSlate, Inc.
After graduating from the University of Wales with an MBA degree in strategic management, Dmytro came back to Ukraine and started working in digital agencies with big international FMCG clients. In a few years, he became a project/product manager in a product IT company where he launched a few educational products.

In 2017 Dmytro joined pdfFiller (the cloud document editor that helps create, edit PDF, and build simple workflows) as a project manager in the marketing department. Nowadays he leads a fast-growing product and manages 10 teams.

Dmytro has successfully implemented the data-driven A/B testing approach in the pdfFiller and signNow apps. To date, pdfFiller (web & apps) launches more than 500 A/B tests every year. 

Meet Dmytro at the session dedicated to app testing and improving your metrics with split tests in the module 2: Connect and Engage Users.

Eugene Plokhoj

Eugene Plokhoj photo


Eugene Plokhoj is a product manager with about 10 years of experience. Currently, Eugene is leading one of the most popular products that were built in Ukraine – Documents by Readdle with tens of millions of active users around the globe.

He is an active member of the IT community and helped many startups to get better results as a mentor in startup incubators like Microsoft 1991 Open Data Incubator, Google for Startups, East Labs, and others. In 2019 Eugene achieved an award from the Ukrainian IT Association as the Best Product Manager of the year.

Meet Eugene at the session about customer funnel and user flow optimization in the module 2: Connect and Engage Users.

Julia Petryk

Julia Petryk photo


Julia Petryk is the PR & Media Manager at MacPaw, a globally acclaimed developer from Ukraine. Julia has 10+ years' experience in digital marketing and online communications. She currently oversees the MacPaw’s global PR strategy, leads a team of PR practitioners, and maintains the company's online presence in Western media.

Also, Julia is:

  • Global speaker and mentor in tech PR;
  • PR Daily Award Winner;
  • Author of the training course “Global PR” in Projector.
  • Educator of her own online course "Product PR".

Meet Julia at the session entitled "PR for Digital Products" in the module 2: Connect and Engage Users.

Max Machkasau

Max Machkasau photo


Max leads partnerships and business development for Google Assistant in EMEA region across smart home and NBU. For the last six years he held various exciting roles, helping partners, customers and users grow with Google across multiple markets and product areas.

Prior to Google, Max was a technology m&a management consultant in Silicon Valley and helped build and scale the world's first crowdfunding social enterprise startup in San Francisco.  

Meet Max at the session dedicated to usage of Google Assistant for app developers in the module 2: Connect and Engage Users.

Oleksandr Akymenko

Oleksandr Akymenko photo


Oleksandr Akymenko — entrepreneur and consultant based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Cofounder of a consultancy “Yes&Design”, based on the principles of human-centered design and “Platformedia” publishing company ( online magazine).

JSK Fellow at Stanford, where he studied strategic management and entrepreneurship, including innovation, design thinking, venture capital and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Academic Board member at MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship at Lviv Business School (LvBS), faculty member. Is a cofounder and serves as the advisor to Ukrainian Emerging Leaders Program at Stanford University. 

Meet Oleksandr at the session about human-centered design in the module 2: Connect and Engage Users.

Sergii Bratusov

Sergii Bratusov photo


Sergii has been with Google over the last 6 years as an Industry Head of Branding with the main focus on YouTube solutions for business.

On top of his Google experience, Sergii has vast branding expertise with over 20 years of running B2C & B2B marketing and sales with companies like Microsoft, Nestle, McDonald's and Reckitt Benckiser across CEE markets.

Meet Sergii at the session entitled “YouTube for Building Communities" and "Online Video Strategy for Business" in the module 2: Connect and Engage Users.

Valentin Rudnitsky

Valentin Rudnitsky photo


Valentin is a Senior Account Manager at Google, who partners with the leading gaming studios from Belarus, Ukraine, Croatia and Serbia and focuses on the topics of user acquisition strategy and international growth. 

Meet Valentin at the session dedicated to Google Analytics for Firebase in the module 2: Connect and Engage Users.

Vera Karpova

Vera Karpova photo


For over 7 years Vera has been engaged in analytics of applications of various genres (from music to financial) with different monetization models.

Currently, as a product owner, she is growing an analytical platform devtodev that helps to find insights in data and interact with users. 

Meet Vera at the session entitled “App Analytics Overview” & “Lifetime Value: Metric's Specifics & Methods of Calculation” in the module 2: Connect and Engage Users.

MODULE 3:  Scale your business

Anastasiya Bortnyk

Anastasiya Bortnyk photo


Industry Manager for Gaming in Google Ukraine. Anastasia is responsible for the development of the gaming industry clients in Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Prior to this role Anastasiya was FinTech Account Manager in Irish and Polish Google offices.

Meet Anna together with Anastasiya at the session about Google ReWork: OKRs, Perf and other tools in the module 3: Scale Your Business.

Anna Zanevskaya

Anna Zanevskaya photo


In 2010 Anna graduated from the Minsk State Linguistic University with a degree in Translation of German and English. For several years after university, she worked as a freelance translator and taught in language courses. Since 2013, she has embarked on the path of translation projects.

At Alconost Anna has been since 2016. She started as a localization project manager. At the moment she is the team lead of the team of vendor managers and localization managers. 

Meet Anna together with Stan at the session entitled "Go Global: Localization Techniques” in the module 3: Scale Your Business.

Anna Petrova

Anna Petrova photo


Anna worked at Procter & Gamble, Bain & Company, Gazprom Neft and Mediterranean Shipping Company. She received a scholarship from “Above Dreams" programs from the Troika Dialog investment company, a Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) grant from the US Department of State.

For more than two years she has been working at Google Ireland, engaged in the development of Google Ads clients in the Russian market. Currently Anna is a consultant on mobile applications for the CEE region. 

Meet Anna at the session dedicated  to fundamentals of mobile app monetization with Admob in the module 3: Scale Your Business.

Denis Valvachov

Denis Valvachov photo


15 years in the financial sector. Head of the Quarter Partners Business Development Unit. Prior to joining Quarter Partners, Denis worked for Sberbank of Russia for 7 years and held the position of Management Director. Before that, Denis worked for 5 years in the group of companies "Troika Dialog", where he led the development of business in the Ural region.

He received an MBA from London Business School & certificate of recognition Regent Business School. 

Meet Denis at the session about how to make the business model competitive (from investor's point of view) in the module 3: Scale Your Business.

Ekaterina Dudinskaya

Ekaterina Dudinskaya photo


Passionate performance marketer with 6+ years experience working with both gaming and non-gaming mobile products.

In the past 4 years Ekaterina led marketing teams to win App Store and Google Play top charts for casual games and entertainment apps. 

Meet Ekaterina at the session dedicated UA Kick Start Course: from Theory to Practice in the module 3: Scale Your Business.

Margaret Kuleta

Margaret Kuleta photo


Margaret Kuleta is a Mobile Growth Lead at Google, partnering with high potential studios from Northern, Central and Eastern Europe to grow their business with the help of Machine Learning, by providing user acquisition strategy, product knowledge, and market insights.

Meet Margaret at the session on how to steer Google App Campaigns to acquire more and more valuable users for your app in the module 3: Scale Your Business.

Orest Bavda

Orest Bavda photo


Orest is a Product Marketing Manager at Google. He has been at Google for 3 years now and is currently leading AppDev Marketing for CEE and Google Pay Marketing for Ukraine.

Meet Orest at the session entitled "Google Pay in Ukraine: Case Study" in the module 3: Scale Your Business.

Pavel Kamyshov

Pavel Kamyshov photo


Pavel has 10+ years of experience in lead IT companies as QA, QA Lead, Agile Project Manager, Scrum Master и Agile Coach. Being Project Manager he managed projects up to 70 people, organized offshore development for the multimillion project. As Agile Coach in EPAM participated in mentoring programs, consulted EPAM projects, executed series of trainings was leader and lecturer at EPAM Agile community.

As a Scrum Ukraine consultant worked with: UkrSibBank, VISA, YayPay, Lifecell, AMADEUS, Raiffeisen etc. Currently hold a position of Lead Delivery Manager at Ciklum.

Meet Pavel at the session about project management for small teams in the module 3: Scale Your Business.

Sergey Grynchevsky

Sergey Grynchevsky photo


As a Field Sales Representative, Sergey (LinkedIn profile) leads Google Cloud business in Ukraine and helps Corporate and Enterprise grow their business with Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace. He has been working at Google for 3 years and has 17+ years of experience with the world's most recognizable tech brands. 

Meet Sergey at the session dedicated to how to boost your teamwork with Google Workspace in the module 3: Scale Your Business.

Sergey Sharov

Sergey Sharov photo


CEO & Co-founder at ASOdesk, co-founder at Angle Connect, ASO Expert, from 2013 works at App Store Optimization. Creator of ASOdesk Academy, author of several online courses aboutASO, ASO data bases, certification programs and testing in ASO.

Creator of Telegram channel ASO Channel (1700+ subscribers).

Organized Wine Time, ASO Fuckups events.

Meet Sergey at the session entitled "App Store Optimization" in the module 3: Scale Your Business.

Stan Kharevich

Stan Kharevich photo


In 2009 Stan graduated from the Belarusian State University with a degree in world economy. Since 2011, Project Manager for Localization at Alconost. 100+ projects in portfolio. He is currently the team lead of the localization team at Alconost.

Meet Stan together with Anna at the session "Go Global: Localization Techniques” in the module 3: Scale Your Business.

Yaroslav Morozov

Yaroslav Morozov photo


Yaroslav is the CEO of Universe, company specialized on utilities for iOS, which is live for 2.5 years, includes 5 applications, has over 25M downloads over 2.5 years. Their scanner is included in the top 3 of grossing apps in the world.

Meet Yaroslav at the session about monetizing with subscriptions, where he will share his personal experience, in the module 3: Scale Your Business.

Demo Day

Denis Valvachov

Denis Valvachov photo


Denis has over 15 years in the financial sector. Head of the Quarter Partners Business Development Unit. Prior to joining Quarter Partners, Denis worked for Sberbank of Russia for 7 years and held the position of Management Director. Before that, Denis worked for 5 years in the group of companies "Troika Dialog", where he led the development of business in the Ural region.

He received an MBA from London Business School & certificate of recognition Regent Business School.

Meet Denis again during Growth Academy Demo Day, which will be held on Tuesday, December 15.

Lesley Ross

Lesley Ross photo


Lesley has worked in tech for 15 years as an operator in growth and analytics roles. She founded Quantified Ardor in 2016 to support growing startups around the world on data-driven decision-making.

Lesley has also spent the last 7 years as a startup advisor (including as a mentor for Google For Startups since 2016) while holding multiple COO positions for startups at various stages.

Meet Lesley at the special session for Participants "How to Prepare for Demo Day" as a part of preparation to Growth Academy Demo Day, which will be held on Tuesday, December 15.

Oskar Stachowiak

Oskar Stachowiak photo


Partner at The Untitled Ventures, a VC that backs East European founders that wish to scale Internationally. Past successes are Epam, Voximplant and Veeam. Oskar works directly with portfolio companies on international expansion.

Prior to The Untitled Ventures, Oskar was an institutional investor at Daiwa Securities and Lusight Research (Goldman Sachs), focusing on emerging markets.

Meet Oskar again during Growth Academy Demo Day, which will be held on Tuesday, December 15.

Tim Kogan

Tim Kogan photo


Tim Kogan is an investment professional with over ten years of experience in M&A, direct investments, and corporate development. He independently advises owners of mid and large-cap companies on capitalization strategy and M&A transactions involving international financial and strategic investors.

Tim is currently serving as Board Member at MEGOGO and also running KOGAN KRAVETS - the start-up private equity office with a focus on providing loaned and equity financing to Ukrainian-origin early-stage, fast-growing companies.

Before MEGOGO and KOGAN KRAVETS, Tim worked as Director at FinPoint - the premier investment banking firm associated with Rothschild & Co in Ukraine. 

Meet Tim as one of the investors during Growth Academy Demo Day, which will be held on Tuesday, December 15.