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We've invited Googlers and experts from around the world to speak with you about the topics on our agenda.

Noam-Lee Kopievker (Monday)

Noam-Lee photo

Noam-Lee is a User Acquisition Manager at unicorn Israeli startup, where she’s been working for the past year. She manages Youtube campaigns in English and various foreign languages from all over the world. She would like to apologize if you’ve been targeted by us on YouTube and hopes you enjoy ads (and if you don’t, that means you haven’t tried our platform yet!). Prior to, she worked as an economist at Israel’s Ministry of Health, where she helped plan the ministry’s strategy and the pricing of different Medical procedures.

Alexander Vidiborskiy (Atomico)

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Alexander Vidiborskiy is a Principal at Atomico. He is a quantum physicist by background and specialises in enterprise software including developer tools, cloud infrastructure, and AI/ML applications among others.Before joining Atomico, Sasha was a Senior Associate at Runa Capital. Prior to that he ran Business Operations at Bitcalm, a 1-click backup and recovery SaaS for SMEs. Sasha started his career as a Research Associate at a theoretical physics lab where he built a first-in-class tunable superconducting metamaterials.

Flora Cselenyi (Google)

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Flora Cselenyi, currently works as an International Growth Consultant, has been with Google since 2015. She is currently focusing on the biggest retail and tech customers from the CEE region, striving for their success and growth in their export markets. As a personal favorite, she loves engaging with clients from her home-country, Hungary.

Rik Haandrikman (Bitrise)

Rik photo


Early on in his career, Hendrik Haandrikman was a part of the rise of social- and mobile gaming, when he built his first growth team for one of Europe's leading gaming companies. Since, he's accelerated growth in businesses ranging from ecommerce to enterprise video services, leveraging knowledge and methods forged in the fires of early-days data-driven digital- and community marketing. Today, Hendrik is responsible for Growth at Bitrise, a mobile engineering performance platform used to build many of the world's most popular applications. There, he combines his love for all things digital, understanding of network effects, and the desire to build something people really want, to help build Europe's next SaaS unicorn.

Omri Erel (Transmit Security)

Omri Erel photo


Omri brings a successful Track Record of 16 years in Leading & Scaling B2B & B2C Marketing & Sales Teams. As Vice President of Demand Generation at WalkMe, a unicorn B2B startup from Israel, he played a key role in growing the company to one of the fastest-growing B2B high-tech startups in the world now worth over $2 billion. Omri joined Socialbakers in 2018 as Senior VP, Marketing where he has led the transformation into a global market leader and subsequent purchase by Astute. Today Omri is the CMO of the unicorn cybersecurity Israeli startup Transmit Security where he is leading both the Marketing and Sales Development teams.


Robert Valu (SHAPR3D)

Robert Valu photo


Robert Valu, currently Director of Growth at Shapr3D (an Apple Design Award winning app that revolutionises the 3D modelling industry) has extensive experience in growing startups: previously he had been working as a global head of PPC at BlaBlaCar and managed multi-million USD worth portfolios at Google and Httpool.

Martin Svoboda (Google)

Martin Svoboda photo


Martin has been working at Google for over 4 years. His mission is to work with fast growing companies and help them accelerate to reach the global stage. He focuses on SaaS startups, Exporters, Gaming/Apps industry from Czechia and Slovakia.

Balazs Polyak (Google)

Balazs Polyak photo


Balazs Polyak has been with Google since 2011, advising companies on digital transformation, export strategy and profitability. He is currently an Industry Manager for Lead Gen advertisers and technology startups originating from CEE. As an avid localpatriot, his main goal is to make Hungarian companies recognized and loved all around the globe.

Illés Vadász (Google)

Illés Vadász photo


Founding member of Google’s Hungarian office. His main responsibilities revolve round evangelizing Google’s products in the market, furthering digital transformation and developing the local advertising ecosystem. In his 12 years at Google his clients came from the biggest local companies, several with cross-border market focus, international ventures and successful Hungarian startups. He is keenly interested in the local startup ecosystem, and is a regular presenter at the events of the scene.

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