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"The pandemic continues to have an ongoing impact on our economy, and particularly our SMMEs. We are encouraged that private sector companies like Google and others continue to support them. We would like to commend Google on the economic recovery initiatives it is investing in, particularly its support for job seekers…and its investments in SMMEs and education through its SMME digitisation efforts, Digital Skills for Africa, Grow with Google, Google for Startups Accelerator Africa and other programmes. We welcome the news that Google will be launching another initiative aimed at supporting SMMEs called The Hustle Academy - an initiative supported by the Department of Small Business Development".

Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, Minister of Small Business Development, South Africa

"Africa, and in particular Kenya, has great innovators and enterprising people who are eager to drive the economy through their different talents and socio-economic solutions. The digital business opportunities, upskilling and digital workers available are changing the narrative. Google Hustle Academy is, therefore, a great opportunity for businesses to train, network and gain mentorship from industry leaders. Welcoming all SMEs and business owners to take advantage of this support designed to grow their business and eventually revenue and margins while creating jobs for youth".

Dr. Ehud Gachugu – Project Director, Ajira Digital Program and Youth Employment at the Kenya Private Sector Alliance

"The Google Hustle Academy Program is a laudable initiative that will help improve business prospects and also create the impact we desire at the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund. I recommend this program to business owners and SMEs, to improve results and growth in Lagos business eco-system".

Teju Abisoye, Executive Secretary. Lagos State Employment Trust Fund

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Cost of arms

“I am delighted to partner with Google to provide a high quality opportunity for young resourceful Nigerians to develop their entrepreneurial skills. Google is a world class firm with a global track record of innovation. The Office of the Vice President has been consistently committed to providing opportunities for empowerment of Nigerians. We are pleased to further this commitment in collaboration with Google and look forward to the emergence of many success stories from this worthy initiative”.

 - His Excellency the Vice-President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo