Shopping Ads: Feed & Merchant Center Optimization

This is a unique opportunity to learn how to get the best out of Shopping Ads.
Discover how to use Machine Learning to get the best results from Shopping products and solutions. Learn how Shopping Ads are evolving from a marketing product to a business solution. By the end of this training, you’ll have the skills to effectively reach customers using Shopping Ads.

Who is it for?

Practitioners with experience in managing Shopping campaigns.

What you’ll learn

  • Machine Learning and Shopping Ads
    Get familiar with the capabilities of Machine Learning and its role in helping brands meet consumers’ expectations. Find out how to optimize for efficient campaign management, and reach high-value shoppers without investing more time and effort.
    Discover how easy it is to set-up campaigns, and analyze results correctly.

  • Shopping optimization and best practices
    Learn best practices for launch and optimization of Smart Shopping Campaigns

  • Feed and Merchant Center optimization
    Learn best practices for feed management and get pro tips to ensure you optimize your Google Merchant Center for campaigns to achieve your business goals. 
    By the end of this session, you’ll have the fundamental skills needed to integrate and use business data in your Shopping feeds successfully.   

  • Shopping Ads 2019 and beyond
    Consumers have become more demanding, curious, and impatient. Discover how retailers are adapting to meet customers’ rising expectations in the age of assistance using new Shopping product solutions. 

Expert Day Trainers

Andrei Sozanschi

Shopping Ads Specialist, Central Europe, Large Customer Sales.
Responsible for business data integration in Shopping Ads, Former Implementation Specialist in Google's Channel Intelligence, working with top 100 largest retailers globally.

Andrei Sozanschi

Moritz Rudolph

Shopping Ads Specialist, Germany Retail, Large Customer Sales.
In charge of Shopping though leadership across largest retailers in EMEA, Former Account Manager for Germany's biggest retailer, Otto, handling all shopping related accounts. 

Moritz Rudolph