Smart Bidding (in English)

This refreshed training reflects the latest enhancements to Smart Bidding strategies, including best practices on seasonality, 3P media platforms, and full automation solutions. You’ll learn best practices for choosing the bidding strategy that best aligns with your business goals, as well as other invaluable tips on optimization. We'll also go over how to effectively test and measure your performance, so you'll be fully prepared to use Smart Bidding solutions on your client’s behalf. 

Who is it for?

This is an ideal course for hands-on practitioners and account managers with at least one year of experience working with Google products, who are looking to build expertise in Smart Bidding solutions.

What you’ll learn

  • Why Machine Learning? Get familiar with the role Machine Learning plays in advertising today, and how it can help businesses grow.
  • Why Smart Bidding? Learn how Smart Bidding can automate routine tasks and help your client’s win more customers. You’ll learn how Smart Bidding works, get walked through bidding options, and be shown the latest enhancements to the Smart Bidding algorithms.
  • Smart Bidding Deep Dive – Understand how Smart Bidding solutions have evolved over time and learn about the exciting launches that are in the pipeline for 2019. You’ll also be taught how to determine the right bidding strategy for your campaigns, based on your clients' advertising goals.
  • Implementation and Best Practices - Become familiar with our new implementation best practices on smart creatives, audience signals, and non-last-click attribution models, and how they can strengthen your bidding performance when combined with Smart Bidding. You’ll also learn how to set your account up for success during seasonal events.
  • Testing and Analyzing Results - Get a stronger understanding of the metrics and reports you should analyze when optimizing your Smart Bidding strategy. You’ll also be given in-depth implementation best practices on how to successfully manage a Smart Bidding campaign with third-party bidders.
  • Full Automation - Discover the evolution of automation with a deep-dive into fully automated campaign solutions, and how they can help you acquire new customers.
  • Machine Learning beyond 2019 – Learn about the future role of Machine Learning in advertising, as we discuss how new products and innovations will continue to make ads even more relevant to individual users.

Expert Day Speaker

Artur Mosiak

EMEA Product Lead Smart Bidding, Google

Started with Display and Video 360 (DBM), primarily working on campaign strategies and product development. Moved to Google Ads a few years later to work on product development and the expansion of Smart Bidding usage in EMEA.