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Episode 42 – All About Sales: Working the 80/20

There’s no business without sales, so it’s no wonder that selling is of continuous interest to agencies and consultancies. It’s hard work, and as much as you learn, there’s always another layer of subtlety and expertise you can develop. The Google Partners Podcast now kicks off a mini-series of episodes that dive into different aspects of sales. You’ll hear ideas, insights and resources you can use to get better at pursuing the kinds of clients and contracts you want.

We start by looking into the general rule that 80% of any business comes from 20% of its clients. While simple on the surface, the 80/20 phenomenon is deeply significant and can lead to powerful efficiencies and strategies when sales teams use it wisely. And Perry Marshall is the person to explain how. Among the highest-paid business consultants in the world, Marshall wrote 80/20 Sales & Marketing, a mandatory read in many growing companies, as well as The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, the world’s best-selling book on Internet advertising.

Host: Alex Langshur

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