Ron Carmel

Ron is co-creator of World of Goo (the highest rated mobile game of all time according to metacritic) and Subterfuge (a week long multiplayer game of strategy and diplomacy), and a co-founder of Indie Fund (a developer friendly source of funding by indies, for indies).


Hyunse Chang

Hyunse works for the Google Play team as a Business Development Manager in Korea. He works with developers and helps them to be successful on Play both domestically and globally. Before joining Google, he worked in the global business department in Com2uS.

Lina Chen

Lina Chen is the Co-founder & CEO of Nix Hydra, which makes mobile games popular with young women. The company made the hit pet game Egg Baby and its follow-up game, Egg!, which combined has over 18M downloads worldwide. Nix Hydra is backed by the same investors behind Zynga, Harmonix and Fitbit.

David Edery


David Edery

David Edery is the CEO of Spry Fox, the studio behind titles such as Triple Town, Alphabear, Steambirds, Bushido Bear, Realm of the Mad God and Road Not Taken. Previously, he was worldwide games portfolio manager for Microsoft's Xbox LIVE service. David co-authored the book, Changing the Game: How Video Games are Transforming the Future of Business.


Maria Essig

As a Partner Manager at Google Play, Maria supports independent game developers, helps them grow their businesses on the platform, and manages programs for indies, including “Indie Corner”. Prior to joining Google, Maria led mobile publishing at Kongregate, sourcing some of the best indie game titles available on mobile. An avid mobile gamer herself, you can usually find Maria browsing the store for exciting new products.


Noah Falstein

Noah is Chief Game Designer at Google. He is part of the Developer Advocacy team, and specializes in presenting Google technology to game developers around the world. In addition, he contributes to a wide variety of internal teams that occasionally need game design expertise.


Dan Fiden

Dan Fiden is Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of Funplus. Dan first met the co-founders of FunPlus as partner with Signia Venture Partners, an early stage venture fund that is an investor in the company. Dan has held multiple interim CEO roles – of Wild Needle (sold to Zynga) and Playchemy (sold to Iddiction), was General Manager of Playfish San Francisco, and was director of game development at EA’s Pogo. He began his career in games as Creative Director at Jellyvision on the “You Don’t Know Jack” series. Dan serves on the board of the San Francisco Game Developers Conference. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and English from Denison University. 


Emily Greer

Emily co-founded Kongregate in 2006 and took over as CEO in February 2014. She led the GameStop-owned company’s rapid rise as a free-to-play web destination as well as the expansion to mobile game publishing and has become a leader in the game industry with her presentations on the economics and psychology of free-to-play games. 


Alex Lee

Alex comes from the Daydream team at Google and is the producer of many of our partner's AR and VR apps. With a console gaming background he's worked on games big and small from every genre both as a developer and in external roles where helping out is paramount.


Jordan Maron "CaptainSparklez"

Jordan Maron, known to many by the alias "CaptainSparklez", has been producing web video content for the last six years. His work, most of which is focused on gaming, has amassed over 2.5 billion views. He served as the creative directory for the mobile game Fortress Fury, which has amassed over 2 million downloads.

Our emcee 

Richard Lemarchand

Richard Lemarchand is a game designer. Working at Naughty Dog he was a Lead Game Designer on the Uncharted series, and helped to create the game series Gex and Soul Reaver at Crystal Dynamics. He now teaches full-time in the USC Games program at the University of Southern California.


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