Sandbox Atlanta

Google Sandbox Atlanta

Guests dove into mobile Material Design and UX strategy on the heels of the Lollipop release, and designed Android Wear apps on their surprise giveaway Moto 360 devices.

Attendee Quotes

“I really loved hearing about Google work environment and culture. It seems like a company made just for me. Very positive experience for me.”

“I appreciate the overall effort Google is putting into expanding its code outreach to various demographics. I admire them even more now.”

“My favorite part was having the chance to really talk to employees and realizing that work at Google is actually an attainable thing.”

“Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to be part of Google Sandbox. The event was outstanding! The crowd was super diverse, that I loved. Google Team rocked :)”


Sandbox New York

Google Sandbox New York

Sandbox NYC was standing room only and highlighted our Cloud and Ads & Commerce product areas. Guests experienced a keynote from SVP and Google Fellow Urs Holzle as well as a panel moderated by engineering director Marcus Mitchell. 

Attendee Quotes

“Thank you so much for opening the doors to us. Google’s way of life is fascinating and it’s always refreshing to see and hear about the innovation and diversity of thought taking place.”

“I got a chance to talk with intelligent people, share knowledge together. People are simply there to learn and I really ENJOYED the positive great vibe and atmosphere!”

“When is the next event? Is it possible to have this type of event more often?”

Sandbox DC

Google Sandbox DC

Guests dove into our Site Reliability Engineering, Platforms, and Hardware product areas, got to check out our brand new DC office space, and participated in coding labs and design sprints.

Attendee Quotes

“I was unsure of what to expect from an event like this but I was incredibly happy with what resulted. I feel as though I have a better sense of what mentality Google is looking for in an employee and I was glad to have a chance to speak my fellow attendees and understand their broad array of backgrounds.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Google Sandbox DC and would love to attend other sessions in the future.”

“Great event, very informative, excellent networking opportunity.”

Sandbox Chicago

Google Sandbox Chicago

Google Sandbox Chicago attendees enjoyed program content with a spotlight on VR, Android, and Google Play.

Attendee Quotes

“As a Latina that has aspired to join Google for the past two years, this event was very motivating and interesting. I really appreciate how you give back to the community, particularly to minorities and women. The event truly was special and it was obvious that a lot of work went into the prep and execution. The event only deepened my excitement for Google and my yearning to help Google become more diverse.”

“I loved hearing about projects, and seeing the more imaginative side of things. I spoke one-on-one to some very friendly and kind Googlers. There seemed to be this "be yourself" culture, that I personally appreciate. I was pleasantly [sic] to meet/see other people who actively promoted/embodied diversity. I know this is something that is going to be core value in the rest of my life.”

“I thought the event was time well spent. I loved hearing more about Google products that I wasn't previously aware of, Tilt Brush specifically. I had never been very interested in VR until hearing Elisabeth Morant speak about it. The talk awakened an excitement in me for a new technology that I didn't even think was possible.”

Sandbox LA

Google Sandbox Los Angeles, powered by YouTube

Google Sandbox LA attendees enjoyed program content focused on all things YouTube, highlighting YouTube Sharing, YouTube Comedy, YouTube Living Room, and Virtual Reality.

Attendee Quotes

“The networking was definitely the best part of the event. Being able to talk to other Googlers, YouTubers, and under-represented groups in tech was nice. I especially enjoyed talking to other women and sharing experience with them.”

“I am amazed by the diversity of people working in Youtube/Google.”

“It was great to meet with Googlers and YouTubers and to hear them talk about their experiences at Google and YouTube, as well as some of the projects they worked on and the working atmosphere there.”

“I like the mixer part of the event before panels. And also the panels with a diverse background of people in different departments. And I really enjoyed the passion brought by the employees.”