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Keep Your Family Safe Online


Developed in partnership with Internet Matters, this course gives parents simple, practical advice on the role you can play in keeping your child safe online.

Get advice and tool recommendations to help tackle stranger danger, inappropriate content, cyber bullying, phishing/scams, and how to better control screentime.

Stay Safe Online in 2019


Developed in partnership with Which? this course offers simple tips to keep yourself safer online.

Learn how to avoid common online threats and stay safe when you’re internet shopping or online banking. 

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14:00 - 16:00 GMT, 17th April 2019 - How to Make Your Website Convert Better  


About this event

Who is the course aimed at?

This is the 5th event where Paul Rouke has delivered this in-depth session at Google Digital Garage and the second time Paul has been invited to present in Edinburgh by Google Digital Garage.

The course is aimed at everybody who wants to learn how to improve the customer experience and conversion rate of their website. Whether you are thinking about starting a business, you're a one-man band, head-up an SME or you work within an organisation, everything that you will learn is applicable.

"Excellent - I have taken away 5 things to implement with regards to our website"

The training course establishes the core foundations and guiding principles for any successful website, along with explaining and providing examples of the most advanced ways to engage and convert visitors on your website.

"Fantastic, really engaging speaker."

Paul Rouke - keynote speaker, author, trainer, founder, business owner and Director of Optimisation at PRWD - will share his insights and real-world experiences and explain how you can apply them to your own website.

For over 18 years, Paul has been improving the user experience of brands such as Shop Direct, Skyscanner, Schuh, MBNA, Booking.com, Moss Bros. Speedo, Sage and Games Workshop. Since 2014 Paul and the PRWD team have developed and refined the Conversion Optimisation Maturity Model, available to use for free online, and which has benchmarking data from companies around the world in various sectors.


14:00 - Optimising Customer Experiences Session [60-mins]

· How to recognise the characteristics of poor online experiences

· Why the fundamentals of website usability are vital

· Website fundamentals: Usability, UX and CRO

· Learn how such terms as ‘usability’ differ from ‘user experience’

· Best practice in online usability

· Explore why user research will reveal even more about your online user

· From website usability to CRO: How to get your site converting

· Discover the true meaning of Conversion Optimisation and how it will grow your business

15:30 - Q&A [30-mins]

Plus, if there’s time, on-the-fly advice for your very own website. 16:00 - Close

How to Make Your Website Convert Better

13:00 - 15:00 GMT, 25th April 2019 - How to secure online coverage: Online PR, Media and SEO


About this event

Securing online media coverage can be really beneficial for your business and is often a tactic used by PRs and marketers to help clients.

Online media coverage can boost your profile, increase brand awareness, build credibility, promote your products and services, deliver key messages to your target audiences, help people find your website, drive traffic to your website, establish you as an expert in your industry and help to grow your business.

But where do you start with finding and securing online media opportunities? And what do you need to know in terms of how online media can help both PR and SEO?

MD of Unhooked Communications and founder of PR Unlocked Claire Gamble is a trained broadcast journalist with 12 years’ experience working in PR and communications.

In this PR and marketing workshop hosted with Google Digital Garage in Edinburgh, Claire will talk through:

  • How online media coverage should be a key part of your PR and marketing strategy and what four key areas to look at to make sure you're targeting the right opportunities
  • Some of the theory behind how PR and organic SEO can go hand-in-hand
  • How the changing media landscape is impacting media relations and content
  • Different ways and ideas to find and secure opportunities for you and your business with real life examples
  • Tips for building relationships with journalists and editors
  • How to maximise business opportunities and exposure as a result of securing online media coverage

This informative session will give you lots of practical tips and advice, which you can put into practice straight away to start getting results for your business.

Online PR, media and SEO

16:00 - 17:30 GMT, 29th April 2019 -  Managing Your Money Mindset


About this event

Do you find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck? Do find it difficult to think about an abundant lifestyle?

Mastering your money mindset is one of the greatest tools that we can master as business owners. It's important to know exactly where you are now before you know where you want to go when it comes to living abundantly.

We're going to work out exactly how to create a money management system - so that you can feel financially free!

What you will learn?

  • Scarcity Vs Abundance mindset - Where are you?
  • How to transform your money mindset
  • The '6 jars' Money Management system (this is a LIFE CHANGER!)

How long is it? Up to 1 hour 30 minutes

Who is it for? Small business owners, networkers, solo and entrepreneurs, business owners, social media marketers.

Managing Your Money Mindset

10:30 - 12:00 GMT, 29th April 2019 -  Understanding Modern Mobile Web 


About this event

Join us at 10:30am on 29th April 2019 at Google Digital Garage Edinburgh for a special session with Googler, Antoine Bisch who will be sharing best practice and insights about mobile optimisation.

Who is this session for?

- For Technical Executives who are looking to improve their reach on internet or improve their mobile performance

- Anyone who knows a bit about web development but would like to hear on performance topic and find out more about AMP and PWA

Learn about the importance of building fast and reliable experiences in a mobile-first word: How to optimise and measure the performance of your website for mobile phones and leveraging modern technologies such as Accelerated Mobile Pages and Progressive Web Apps.

Location: Edinburgh Google Digital Garage - 42 Shandwick Pl, Edinburgh EH2 4RT

Date: 29th April 2019 Time: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Free for anyone to attend

About Antoine Bisch

Antoine is a Mobile Solution Consultant at Google, providing technical expertise on Mobile Site Speed Optimisations, Accelerated Mobile Pages, Progressive Web Apps and other related topics, advising our top partners in EMEA. Antoine has been working for 3.5 years at Google prior to which he was a Lead Front End Engineer at ASOS for nearly 6 years.

Modern Mobile Web

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