Looking to sharpen your UX skills?

Good news! On April 30th & May 1st, two leading UX designers from Google will be conducting a 2-day hands-on user experience masterclass in Tunis. This is a free event.

In recent years, design and user-centered thinking have been embraced by business leaders–not just as a way to do design, but as a way to create an effective product development strategy. By attending this class with your cross-functional team, you will learn basic user-centered design processes and how to apply them throughout your entire product development cycle.

We will cover the process of taking product ideas from concept to launch, including sketching, user testing, prototyping, and making continuous improvements after launch to keep your users engaged and satisfied.

< Update: This class is moved to a later date! Stay Tuned for an updated schedule>

Is my startup a good fit?

This class is geared towards startups and companies that would like to improve their product development and shipping process with design thinking, and to establish a more user-centered process. We encourage teams of 4-6 stakeholders representing a wide range of functions (engineers, product managers, designers) to attend. Attendance is limited and it is free to participate, so complete the application form to be considered. Applications will be accepted until April 15th.

Please note: If selected, your team will be required to complete a pre-workshop exercise prior to the first day of class.


Topics we'll cover

We plan to cover a wide range of topics over the 2-days with a focus on the following:

Full agenda available here.

Interested? Please apply here.



Masumi Matsumoto
Google UX Designer & Researcher

Masumi is a Google design lead for chatbots in Allo. She’s worked for Google on four continents on a variety of products: from massive global products like Gmail to super localized products like BebaPay, an NFC payment product created for Kenya. She is a hybrid designer and researcher, and enjoys creating innovative user-centered design practices that combine design and research.



Blaine Billingsley
Interaction Designer

Blaine Billingsley is an interaction designer based in Oakland, CA. Formerly at Google, he worked on Inbox by Gmail, designed interface systems used across Google apps, & explored conceptual designs for the future of communication and assistance. Blaine bases his design methodology in rapid prototyping, relying on research through the design cycle, & radical collaboration with cross-functional teams to iterate on designs quickly.




April 29th - May 1st


Z.I. Chotrana II B.P. 160، 
Pôle Technologique El Ghazela، 
Ariana 2088, Tunisia