Enrol now in the GoogleCloudReady Facilitator Program.


1. Before you enrol in the program using the button below, please add googlecloudedu-noreply@qwiklabs.com in your mailing list so that your enrolment email does not go to Spam/Promotions and you get it positively. See the instructions on how to do so here. (If you are using a mobile phone, then simply add the email in your Contacts app without a phone number)

2. CAUTION - We have found out a few fake videos online  (here) owners of whom are NOT facilitators of the program. If you are enrolling in the program without an actual referral from any of the selected facilitators, then you won't get any schwags at the end of the program.

Please read through the instructions below carefully and enrol in the program using the button. Do remember to go through the program FAQs here to find out the eligiblity criteria & any other information you need.

Program Timeline: 10th April 00:00 - 10th June 11:59 PM
(Note: The form will close on 9th April 11:59 PM)

By enroling in the program, you are agreeing to it's terms and conditions.

What will happen when you submit the form above?

The button above will lead you to a Google Form that you need to fill in order to enrol in the program. The form will require to you to:

  • Fill out your personal details & tshirt size.
  • Create an account on Qwiklabs if you don't have one already. (It's always free to make an account)
  • [Important] Submit the link to your Qwiklabs Public Profile - go to this page to see how you can find your profile URL.

Once you fill the form, you will receive an email with the following instructions. Please read through them and start working on the syllabus.

  • The instructions to avail FREE credits pass on Qwiklabs. You need credits to take labs on Qwiklabs that are part of the program
  • The timelines of the program and what's the last date to get a chance at those prizes.
  • Other program related information.

NOTE: If you provide a wrong Qwiklabs profile URL above, then you won't receive this email! In case of any queries, just  reach out to your "Facilitators" and they will help you!

By enroling in the program, you are agreeing to it's terms and conditions.