Frequently Asked Questions 

Already enrolled in the program? Here’s what you should know.

How can I become a "Facilitator" for my institute?

The program is invite-only. We have closed the Facilitator selection and are not selecting any new nominations. If you are interested in becoming one, then please fill out this form and we will consider your application in the next iteration of the program.

What is the eligibility criteria for enrolling in the program?

You need to meet these requirements if you want enrol in the program:

  1. You need to have access to a working internet connection & a laptop with latest chrome browser.
  2. You need to be above 18 years of age and enrolled in an higher education institution in India.
  3. You need to be a student in the institutions selected by Google or must have been referred by any of the "Facilitators" that are part of the program.

I did not receive an invitation email after applying through the Enrolment form. What should I do?

Just reach out to your Facilitators and they will help you get the instructions and enrol you in the program.

I have completed the required quests and/or skill badges. When will I get my prizes?

If you have completed any of the milestones mentioned in the Prize Rules section and are eligible for prizes, then you will get them delivered to you within 2 months after the program is finished. (Provided that you have shared with us your correct contact information.)

I have achieved all the milestones in the program. Will I get the goodies associated wiith each of them?

Please note that we will evlaute your progress at the end of the program and you will only get the goodies for the milestone that you achieve & not for the ones before that.

Are students who participated in the 30 Days of Google Cloud program and #GoogleCloudReady Facilitator program in 2020 eligible for the program?

Note that any student who have already received schwags and the prizes in the 30 days of Google Cloud program and the previous facilitator program in 2020 are not eligible to get any prizes even if they complete any of the milestones.

I have already completed the quests & the skill badges in the program, what should I do?

Please note that in order to get the prizes, you need to complete the quests and skill badges after your enrolment date. Any quests/skill badges completed before that won't be counted. If you want, you can make a new account on Qwiklabs with a new email ID and enrol in the progam using that email ID instead.

I need to make some changes to the my registration details in the enrolment form, but it's closed now? What should I do?

In case you need to make any changes to your enrolment details, then just reach out to your "Facilitators" and share that information with them. They can share that information with us and we will update your details in the backend.

Where will the schwags be delivered - to my address or to my college address?

Please note that you are required to submit your own residentials address where we can send the schwags once you win something. We will not be sending out your schwags to your institution unless absolutely required.

Will students receive any certificate after completing any milestone in the program?

Note that as part of the program students will get digital badges from Google onj their Qwiklabs profile once they complete a quest or a skill badges. There are no separate certificates for the participating students.

Though we will be sending a hard copy of a small "Thank you" card to all the students who wins a prize in the program

I enrolled in the program before 10th April, can I start completing my labs now or should I wait until 10th April?

You can immediately start completing your quests and skill badges in the program right after you enrol. You don't have to wait until 10th April to do so.

The links are not working in my enrolment email. What should I do?

Sometimes due to how you have setup your email inbox, the links in the enrolment email might come out to be broken. Please do not worry about this. You can just copy and paste the hardcoded URLs in your browser added beside each link in the email and those should work too.

I am not able to get the Qwiklabs credits pass after enrolling in the program, what to do?

You can try the following solutions:

  • Here is a helpful video created by one of our facilitators that will tell you how to get the credits.
  • If you have just completed the lab, then please wait for a few minutes and refresh your chrome browser tab a few times.
  • Start the lab again wait for 5 minutes and end the lab and then check again.
  • Reach out to your Facilitator and they will help you here.
  • Reach out to the Qwiklabs Chat support via the Qwiklabs home page. (You will need to click on the help button "?" alongside your profile icon on the top right corner when logged-in in order to access chat support)
  • Just drop an email to

I am stuck! I need help with Qwiklabs, what should I do?

Here a few ways you can get unstuck:

  1. Always reach out to your Facilitators first. They are the subject matter experts here who are specifically trained by Google for this program and they will be able help you with most of your queries.
  2. Just reach out to the Qwiklabs chat support or drop them an email at

How to find my Qwiklabs Public Profile URL?

Find the instructions to get the link to your Qwiklabs Public Profile here or you can just follow the steps given below. Here's what it should look like - "".

  1. Log-in to
  2. Go to and complete the "A tour of Qwiklabs and Google Cloud" lab.
  3. Once completed, go to -
  4. Click on "View Public Profile" on the top right corner and then "Make profile public" if there's a pop-up.
  5. Now copy the browser URL below. (That's your profile URL)

Why is my Qwiklabs account blocked and how to get it unblocked?

"If you try to use the resources which are not intended to be used in the lab the account will get blocked. See our official support article here to get more clarity on why this happened.

Here are a few examples which may lead to use resource out of the lab scope:
- Creating an extra VM instance than the set limit for maximum number of instances you can launch in the Cloud Console for the lab.
- Creating more number of nodes which are not intended to be created for the lab in the Cloud Console for the lab
- Specifying extra number of cores in the machine types with higher computing power.
- Running different commands which may lead to launch of extra resources other than the lab scope.

The above mentioned are few examples which can get your account blocked, if you are doing anything similar, mentioned in the above examples your account can get blocked as a result of those actions as well." Please reach out to to get it unblocked.

Why does my Qwiklabs page shows a red banner with "Quota Expired"?

As part of the credits pass, you have 5 attempts for each lab in the program. If you a try a lab more than 5 times, then your quota gets expired. To rest your quita, please reach out to

I have followed the steps in the email to get the credits pass, still I have not received it, what should I do?

Please repeat the steps again but this time in an incognito window and do remember to keep in mind the instructions given in the 1st Qwiklabs related FAQs above and you will surely get your credits. Here is a video created by one of our facilitators that will help you get the pass..

I am out of Qwiklabs credits, what should I do?

Just reach out to your Facilitators and they will help you get more credits.

How to take a lab on Qwiklabs?

Just see the video tutorial here to get started -

What is a Quest?

A quest is a learning path that contains a number of hands-on labs. Complete a quest to earn a badge. Qwiklabs Quests are learning paths that consist of a collection of labs organized by technologies, specific cloud services, and practical use cases. Quests range from introductory to advanced level.

What is the difference between a Qwiklabs Quest & a Google Cloud Skill Badge?

A Qwikalbs quest is basically a group of labs using which you can learn and practice the concepts of Google Cloud on GCP. Whereas a Skill Badge for that quest, will help you test the skills that you have learned through a challenge lab. You can find more differences here.

How can I update my profile picture in Qwiklabs?

Just follow the instrsuctions given here.

How to share badges on Social media?

"1. Make your profile public.
2. Right-click View Public Profile and select copy link address.
3. Create links on your social media pages or resume.
Tip: On LinkedIn, add your badge as a certification."

How to check if I had successfully completed my last lab?

Please check lab completions on the My Learning page of your Qwiklabs account. You may refer to the page.

I accidently deleted my Qwikalbs Public profile and now the URL of the profile is changed. How should I udpate my details?

If the enrolment form is now closed and you are not able to update your new  profile URL, then simply share it with your facilitators and ask them to share it with us and we will update the details for you.