GDR Kuwait April 23



Recorded & Live Webinars are listed below

Topic Speaker Time YouTubeLive link Date Saudi Arabia Time
Product strategy عبد العزيز الحمادي ~45m Recorded Session July 21 7-8
gSuite عبد العزيز الحمادي ~30m Recorded session July 21 8-9
Building Conversational Experiences for Google Assistant '18  Omran Abdelrahman ~45m recorded-3 July 22 7-8
Google Cloud Platform introduction Omran Abdelrahman ~45m recorded-4 July 22 8-9
Flutter Amahdy Abdelaziz ~45m recorded-5 July 23 7-8
PWA  Amahdy Abdelaziz ~45m recorded-6 July 23 8-9
UX Design Thinking: Think business, sketch as a designer and code like a geek Rayan Al Zahab | GDE ~45m Recorded-7 24 7-8
Firebase Rayan Al Zahab | GDE ~45m Recorded--Firebase- 8 24 8-9
IOT: AndroidThings Vaas Krishnamurthy | Google ~45min Recorded AndroidThings -9 july 25 7-8pm
Marketing(English)  Sreeraman Thiagarajan | GDE ~45min Recorded 10- mktg 25 8-9pm
ML & TensorFlow  (English) Ndjido Ardo BAR | GDE 45min Recorded-11-ML July 26 7-8pm
ML & TensorFlow beginner (Arabic) Rayan Al Zahab  45min Recorded--ML-12- arabic July 26 8-9pm
Android: Improving apps using App Bundles Amrit Sanjeev | Partner Developer Advocate, Developer Relations, Google   ~45min Link-Recorded-Android July 27 3-4
ML/TF codelab Mano  | Google 3hours link-Recorded-ML-codelab July 27 4-6pm
Hajj Data - Google Cloud [BigQuery, Studio) Training iSolutions ~45min link-hajj recorded





Topic Type Abstract Speaker
Progressive Web App
1-Tech Tech
2- Workshop (Tech Talk+ codelab)
Progressive Web Apps are experiences that combine the best of the web and the best of apps. They load quickly, even on flaky networks, can re-engage with users by sending web push notifications, have an icon on the home screen and load as top-level, full screen experiences.
Please join us to learn about the future of the web with Progressive Web Apps, why they are important and how to build and deploy them effectively.
Omran, Amahdy
Machine Learning / TensorFlow / Cloud ML
1-Tech Tech
2- Workshop (Tech Talk+ codelab)
TensorFlow™ is an open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs.  What is Google TensorFlow


Ardo, Rayan, Others
 Think business, sketch as a designer and code like a geek Workshop
  • - Explain the process of starting a project.
  • Demonstrate the responsibilities of the developer, designer and product owner in extracting needed information from clients.
  • Stay aligned with client specifications.Understand sketching and prototyping between designers and developers.
  • Validate and start development.
Rayan Z
Technology Trends & Community  Tech Talk  Let's go through the latest and upcoming Technology Trends, and how Google is empowering Developer communities and Women around the world and in MENA specifically -  Salim A
OKRs, & Agile processes - a path to success! Tech Talk A quick overviw of Google OKR process ( Objective Key Results), and quick discussion about Agile (Scrum) development/planning processes.  Salim A.
Google Cloud Platform Essential
1-Tech Tech
2- Workshop (Tech Talk+ codelab )
3- Study Jam
Want to get started on the Google Cloud, but don't know where to begin? Join us for our GCP Essentials and Live Deployment session! Together we'll learn Google Cloud Platform Essentials. You can use Google's core infrastructure, data analytics and machine learning. GCP is Secure and fully featured for all enterprises, and it's committed to open source and industry leading performance. What’s more exciting is the open machine learning APIs that we’ll examine together as well.  Omran, Omer
Building Conversational Experiences for Google Assistant
1-Tech Tech
2- Workshop (Tech Talk+ codelab)
  Meet your Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help. This session will go through Google Assistant features, how to use, and how can we develop for it too. We'll have real demo on some of Google devices that supports Assistant, and will explore both easy and advanced ways to develop real world voice commands and actions for it.  Omran, Ardo


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