Frequently Asked Questions


This program is a pilot and may or may not be offered in the future. We hope you will re-apply in the event that the program is offered again.

We will prioritize the applications of learners who can commit to all six sessions. If a learner is admitted and fails to attend all six sessions or complete the coursework, they will no longer be eligible to attend the App Academy bootcamp.

No, Grasshopper is designed for complete beginners. This course will be taught as if students have no prior coding knowledge.

The interview with App Academy ensures that applicants are a good fit for the Grow with Google program. Successful completion of the Introductory Coding Workshop Series will allow participants to begin a full-time, 16-week coding bootcamp at App Academy. 

About the Grasshopper Program

Grasshopper is an app that teaches beginners the fundamentals of coding through quick, fun visual puzzles. It is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

The six-week course will teach coding fundamentals. The curriculum will start at the very beginning by explaining what code is and how its used. From there, it will move into teaching the basics of coding with things like variables, arrays, and loops. By the end of the course, students should be able to complete an example technical interview question focused on algorithms.

Each class will be 1 hour. Each class will meet at 3PM on Tuesdays from November 12 through December 17. 

The six-week course will teach coding fundamentals. Students will learn about variables, loops, algorithms, and more. 

About App Academy

A coding bootcamp is an accelerated program to teach students the technical coding skills to competitively pursue jobs in technology. You can learn more about App Academy specifically through their website or their curriculum page

App Academy’s software development course runs from 9AM to 6PM five days a week for 4 months. In order to graduate from bootcamp, you should be able to attend the vast majority of classes during this time, as well as have ample time for coursework outside of the class. 

No. This is an optional offer designed to support your career development, and you are not required to attend upon acceptance. However, Grow with Google will prioritize students who intend on pursuing admission into the App Academy bootcamp. Please consider downloading the Grasshopper app or going to the Grasshopper website.

At App Academy, students have three options for payment, as laid out in detail on their website. The most popular payment plan is one where tuition is deferred and only paid back (as a percentage of salary, over time) if a student gets hired in a job with $50k+ annual salary. Learners who complete the Grasshopper course and choose to enroll under the Placement Based Plan receive the added benefit that Grow with Google will cover the refundable deposit (usually $3,000 required to hold a spot), so no payment would be due upfront. For more information on this plan and other payment options, please see App Academy’s website.

Upon completion of the Grasshopper course, you will be admitted to an App Academy cohort. App Academy reserves the right to revoke admission.

This course is only offered full time. Please see App Academy’s website for more details and other options.

Please visit App Academy’s website or review their full-time bootcamp FAQs.

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