Grow with Google is bringing digital skills trainings, best-practice workshops, and hands-on demos to Shellharbour Civic Centre. 

Whether you’re a business owner, a nonprofit, a journalist, an educator or just hoping to learn a new skill, Grow with Google’s free workshops are designed to give you the digital skills you need to realise your online potential.

We are particularly humbled to bring this free training to the region in the devastating aftermath of the recent bushfires and extend a welcome to any individual or business owner who has been directly impacted by this in recent months. 

When and where

Tuesday 10th March, 2020
Shellharbour Civic Centre, 76 Cygnet Ave, Shellharbour, NSW 2529

For Local Businesses 

This workshop is designed for those who own or manage a business and particularly relevant to people who wish to learn free ways to help get your business found online.

In this workshop you will:

  • Uncover the practical steps you can take to help put your business on Google Maps & Search and be found online by new customers.
  • Learn how search engines and online advertising can help you connect with more customers.
  • Discover how to un-earth and interpret real-time information about people/or customers interacting with a website, and how you can draw out actionable insights that can help your business make better decisions.


Registration & light refreshments


Workshop covering:

  • Get Your Business Online 
  • Learn the Basics of Google Ads
  • Make Better Business Decisions with Analytics


Workshop ends; demos & chats with Googlers


For Journalists

Google and the Walkley Foundation are working together to bring the latest digital skills to newsrooms across Australia and New Zealand. Together, we aim to provide free and in-person training workshops to 4,000 journalists, editors and students by the end of the year.

In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn a broad range of practical tools that you can use immediately, from advanced search techniques, to using data to tell stories, to the latest ways to detect and fight misinformation online.



Registration & light refreshments


Google News Initiative workshop

Some of the modules covered include:

  • Advanced Search: Searching with Precision
  • Google Alerts: Stay in the Know
  • Google Trends: Understanding the Data Further
  • Google Public Data Explorer: Access a World of Trusted Data
  • Google Image Search: How to separate genuine eyewitness accounts from misattributed content
  • YouTube: How to examine YouTube videos
  • Google Maps & Streetview: Finding out where something happened


Workshop ends


For Nonprofits

Curious how to use Google products to achieve more for your nonprofit? Wondering how to leverage Ad Grants to drive online donations, recruit volunteers, and raise awareness for your cause?

This session will introduce you to Google for Nonprofits and the Google products available to eligible nonprofits. We’ll then spend some time going deeper into one particular product - Ad Grants - and some strategies for getting the most from Google’s digital advertising tools.




Registration & light refreshments


Google for Nonprofits + Ad Grants workshop


Workshop ends



For Educators

Designed for teachers, school and IT leaders wanting to learn how to use Google’s education tools to improve teaching, learning and protect students’ data.

For educators, there will be practical ideas to meet each of your learners' unique needs, getting hands on with accessibility features in G Suite for Education and Chromebooks and we’ll share top tips for using Google Classroom and G Suite to improve efficiency across your school.

IT admins will learn tools and best practice to better secure your school’s data and protect students privacy.esigned for teachers, school and IT leaders wanting to learn how to use Google’s education tools to improve teaching, learning and protect students’ data.


Registration and housekeeping 


Get started with Google for Education Icebreaker


Introduction: redefining teaching & learning with technology



Building an inclusive classroom using Google's Accessibility features

IT admins learn how to better secure your school’s data and protect students privacy with the Chrome Education Upgrade

Educators will learn Google Classroom and G Suite tips to increase efficiency across the school


Reflection and next steps


Workshop ends