Join Google for this sector-specific event designed explicitly for your healthcare enterprise!

This exclusive event hosted at Google UK will give you the opportunity to gather intelligent insights on how we innovate with and profit from disruptive and innovative IT in the healthcare sector.

We are seeing increasing healthcare customers benefit everyday from Chrome for numerous reasons such as; security, increased flexibility, user needs, innovation and coming away from legacy while being easy to maintain and manage costs effectively.

Join us and learn how businesses like yours can manage collaboration, mobile working and devices as part of the digital transformation in the healthcare sector.

Agenda topics

There will be a packed schedule for the day including but not limited to the following:

  • Learn about the most secure End User Computing (EUC) platform around
  • Hear about how Chrome helps reduce IT infrastructure costs and free up resources
  • Get insights from an open floor with our Chrome and Healthcare partners
  • Learn about the alternative to traditional 'Windows' migration
  • What's your browser strategy? hear how Google can help standardise your Users browser experience across platforms
  • Hear about application delivery securely and consistently across multiple-platforms, at scale
  • Gain insights from Healthcare customers who have adopted Chrome Enterprise
  • and many more..!