Pay It Forward Contest

At Google, we value diversity and inclusion and we support individuals who do the same. The Google Staffing Programs team in partnership with the Hispanic Googler Network is celebrating diversity and honoring Hispanic Heritage Month by recognizing leaders in education -- students, educators, and education-focused organization leaders -- who are advancing opportunities for their local communities

Contest overview

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, students (high school or college, 14 and older), educators (teachers, administrators, school staff), and education-focused organization leaders (non-profit, private) are invited to showcase how they have positively impacted and influenced Hispanic communities within the US. We’re seeking leaders whose work in education demonstrates a commitment to expanding access and opportunities for the U.S. Hispanic community.

Before entering, please read the guidelines below and the FAQ. We look forward to seeing your submission!


How to Enter


Criteria to Apply

Individuals who:




Judging Process & Criteria 

Submissions will be judged by a team of Googlers on the following criteria: 



The winning individuals will be announced by Friday, Ocotber 14th. Individuals that have been selected will:


Key Dates



Please email with any questions



Sept. 15, 2016 12:00 AM - Oct. 3, 2016 11:45 PM


United States