I’m from a country not eligible to enter. Can I still submit?

Only a limited number of countries is eligible for this edition of the contest. Unfortunately we can’t consider your submission if the contest isn't available in your country as you wouldn't meet the eligibility criteria set out in the Terms and Conditions of the contest.

I'm from an eligible country but my publisher is not. Can I still submit?

If you are the developer of the game and are based in one of the 15 eligible countries, you are eligible to submit regardless of where your publisher is based in. However, do note that the publisher needs to meet the other eligibility criteria regarding the number of full time employees. 

Can I still edit my submission?

No, you can no longer edit your submission now that the submission period is over. 

I submitted my game but I didn’t get the Google Cloud Platform credits, what can I do?

If you didn’t receive the Google Cloud Platform credits it’s probably because you’re not eligible, either because your submission to the contest isn’t eligible (for example, you may be based in a country that’s not eligible, your company is too big, or your game isn’t eligible) or because Google Cloud Platform isn’t available in your country.

When will you start trying out the games that were submitted?

We started reviewing submissions as soon as we got them however you had until the end of the submission period to make sure your game is in top shape and free of bugs; any updates to the games after the submission period ended on 31 December, midnight GMT, will not be considered.

I submitted a game, when will I know if I’ve been shortlisted?

We have now announced the 20 finalists. If you entered the contest, whether you made it to the final or not, you would have also received an email from us communicating this. 

What if I’m shortlisted but can’t make it to the showcase event in London, do I still have a chance to win some of the other prizes?

If you don’t showcase and pitch, if you're selected, then you can’t win any of the higher prizes.