The initial rounds of judging to select up to Top 20 finalists and the Top 10 will be done by Google, an independent judge and by the audience attending the final event. The final round will take place live at the showcase event in London, where the winners and runners up will be selected by our panel of industry experts.  

SamuliSamuli Syvähuoko - Armada Interactive

Samuli started his career in 1995 by founding Remedy (e.g. Max Payne) and was also critical in launching Futuremark, a Remedy spin off. One of Samuli’s skills is assembling world-class teams. He has done it five times with Armada Interactive being the latest, where he also serves as Chairman and CEO. Samuli co-founded Sisu Game Ventures, an investment company focused on the Nordic game industry. 

NatNathan Brown - Edge

 Nathan is deputy editor of Edge, the world’s most respected videogame magazine. He writes a column, Big Picture Mode, which was originally intended to be a series of even-handed looks at industry issues, but has slowly morphed into a monthly cry for help from a struggling new parent. As well as judging the annual Edge awards, he’s also sat on juries for The Game Awards, Game Critics Awards, and BAFTA.

KlaasKlaas Kersting - Flaregames

Klaas is the CEO and founder of flaregames. Previously he was CEO and founder of Gameforge, which he grew to more than 400 employees and over 100M EUR in yearly revenue over five years. Ernst & Young named him ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2008′ and he has received several other business awards for fast growth, execution and tech innovation.

Chris LeeChris Lee - Investor & Advisor

After over a decade of co-founding his own studios, including Media Molecule and FreeStyleGames, as well as holding Vice President positions at both Activision and Electronic Arts, Chris now provides investment and advice to mobile gaming studios across Europe. This roster includes Hutch, Space Ape Games, MAG Interactive, Armada Interactive, Gumbug, Supersolid, Another Place Productions, Future Games of London and Yakuto. Chris is also co-founder of playhubs and was named in MCV’s Top 100 most influential Brits in the Games Industry.

MasterOvOllie - MasterOv

Olly or MasterOv, is one of the leading mobile gaming channel on YouTube.  Allied to a passion for sports cars and real life content, he has already reached 2.5 million subscribers and over 750 million views.  Olly is also the reigning Legends of Gaming 2016 champion.

RobertRob Small - Miniclip

Since co-founding Miniclip in 2001, Rob has built the company into a global leader in digital games. In recent years, Rob has led the transformation of Miniclip from one of the largest online gaming websites in the world to a major global mobile gaming brand with more than 175 million monthly users. In 2014, Miniclip was acquired by Chinese technology giant Tencent.

Harley Harley Homewood - Team17

With over 15 years of experience in the games industry, Harley has worked with all aspects of sales & publishing. His most recent roles have been running and substantially growing a digital retail platform. Subsequently, in the last 2 years heading up the digital sales functions of Team17 across all platforms gaining valuable insight into what helps to make games successful throughout their digital lifecycle.


AndyAndy Bramall - Unity

Andy has been playing video games since 1974; he met his wife playing Asteroids and has been working in games technology since 2003. Although he has never shipped a game himself, Andy has helped studios ship hundreds of titles.  Andy currently heads up the EMEA Field team of evangelists and field engineers for Unity and has been a judge for the BAFTA Games Awards, BAFTA Young Game Designer and the Develop Awards.

DanDan Gray - ustwogames

Starting his career at the legendary Lionhead Studios (R.I.P) Daniel worked on the Fable series of games under Peter Molyneux. His next steps led him to the tiny Guildford indie team of Hello Games working on the Joe Danger series on console and mobile during the formative years of their existence. Sensing the perfect environment to create a new wave of experiences for everyone, Dan then moved into East London to run a small division at the creative company ustwo and from here they focussed on building a game so beautiful any screen could be printed and hung in a gallery, that game was Monument Valley.


Shannon Low - Google Play

Shannon heads up the Google Play business development team in EMEA and helps top app and game developers succeed.


Sarah Thomson - Google Play

Coming from the North American BD Play Games team, Sarah is focused on indie partners and building the indie community that fuels innovation, diversity and richness on the Google Play Store. Sarah has been working in games for 10 years, starting her career with an indie mobile developer based out of Vancouver, Canada. Before coming to Google, she cut her teeth in the console space building the F2P business vertical over at Sony PlayStation. 


Philipp von Bieberstein - Google Play 

Philipp heads up Business Development for Google Play in Western Europe, covering both apps and games. In reality Philipp always identifies with Guybrush Threepwood from his favorite gaming franchise- Monkey Island: he wants to sail the seas, insult other pirates and chase after imaginary ghosts.