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Matteo Vallone - Google Play Games Business Development


Android development overview

James Smith - Product Manager, Google Play

Android development has evolved to be more powerful and efficient than before. Android Studio brings you speed, smarts, and support for Android Nougat. Firebase's broad range of cross-platform developer tools can improve your app on Android and beyond. Material Design continues to improve the user experience and increase engagement. From Android Nougat to Vulkan, here's what is new in Android development.


Firebase & Big Query: the race to knowledge

Tahir Fayyaz - Solutions Engineer, Google Cloud Platform

Learn about integrations that help you be seamless and extract insights quickly to build a more intelligent roadmap for your game.



Explosive growth: using GKE to scale your game

Gus Maskowitz  - Solutions Engineer, Google Cloud Platform

When your game goes live and scale is a requirement, containerizing your application and harnessing Google Container Engine can go a long way to helping ensure successful user experience.


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Best practices for launching and optimizing your game on Google Play

Matteo Vallone - Google Play Games Business Development

Google Play has become a critical platform for game developers to reach a wide and diverse audience. In this session, Matteo will talk about Google Daydream and VR as a nascent technology and the opportunities it brings to gaming, but also about how to maximize existing tools like Early Access, Pre-Registration, Store listing experiments and others to improve your game pre and post-launch. 



Top content tactics for game developers on YouTube

Ina Fuchs - Head of Gaming Content & Partnerships EMEA, YouTube

YouTube is an increasingly important gaming destination, with hundreds of billions of minutes of gaming videos watched every month. In this session, discover useful tactics of how to work with creators, create branded contest and build your audience. 



Panel: Building an engaging audience on Youtube  

Mickey Elimelech - Head of Marketing, Space Ape Games

Mike Albertshauser - Co-founder / Head of Influencer & Campaign Management at GameInfluencer GmbH

Spencer23$ - YouTube creator

Victor Potrel - Gaming Content & Partnerships EMEA, YouTube

Panel discussion with a game developer, a YouTube influencer and an influencer agency on the best ways to leverage YouTube as a platform to build and grow an engaging audience for your game.




Game monetization

Damien Mabin - Developer Advocate Games, Google

Game monetization, particularly on mobile, is quite complex due to the wide range of possibilities: from a paid title to a freemium title to DLC or all other sort of variants. In this session, Damien, a former game developer himself, will give you the necessary tools to understand which monetisation would better fit your gameplay, and how to please your players by offering them an experience they like.


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Matteo Vallone - Google Play Games Business Development


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