Q: Who can attend the final event?

A: The event is open to anyone. Sign up if you want to check out some fun, meet the developers, vote and have some fun. 

Q: Can I sign up to attend the final event in Jakarta even if I’m not eligible to enter the contest? 

A: Of course, everyone interested in games is welcome to join the event. 

Q: Can a friend or family member join me at the event?

A: Yes, bring as many friends or family members as you like. Make sure they sign up, as preference will be given to pre-registered attendees.

Q: Is the event family friendly?

Children under 18 years old are welcome too. Children must remain under adult responsibility and supervision. Be aware that some games may present inappropriate content for children.

Q: What games will be showcased?

A: We will announce the titles early April, stay tuned!

Q: Can I arrive at any time?

A: Yes, you can come by anytime. If you want to visit the showcase and vote we recommend you get there as early as possible as voting will close at 15:30. Pitching will start at 16:00 and at that time the showcase will pause.