16 October 2019
Google UK, 1-13 St Giles High Street, London WC2H 8AG

Over the last ten years, the influences on consumer decision-making have changed. With information at our fingertips and new forms of media becoming the norm, consumer decisions are more complex than ever before. This shift requires brands to rethink how they connect with their audiences in compelling and effective ways.

To explore this, Google’s latest research – Decoding Decisions, conducted by The Behavioural Architects – delves into the unpredictable minds of consumers and shines a light on the ‘messy middle’, fast becoming an important battleground for brands to win or lose.

At our satellite event held in association with the IPA’s EffWeek 2019, industry experts will reveal how marketers can adapt to these new behaviours and navigate the messy middle to stay relevant.

Join us for breakfast and the big discussion on Wednesday 16 October, from 9am to 12.30pm at Google HQ, Central Saint Giles.

You’ll hear from: Margaret Jobling, Group Chief Marketing Officer at Centrica Group; Grace Kaye, Chief Strategy Officer at Brainlabs; Lucia Niño Kehoe, Experimentation Lead, Unskippable Experiments at YouTube; Mike Garvey, Head of Brand and Communications at Simply Business and many more.

Join us on Wednesday 16 October, from 9am to 12.15pm at Google HQ, Central Saint Giles.