Our Mission

The event space Isar Valley @ Google is designed to be open for the local ecosystem and as accessible as possible.

Our mission is to become a contributor to the local (tech) community, a good citizen. We engage with developers, the startups, UX designers, key influencers and opinion formers, as well as schools and students that benefit from digital education. 

Our Mission Picture


SCE Innovations-Café, July 4th, 2017

Our Focus

For our events, we look for following criteria:

1. Tech/startup audience: developers, startups, UX designers, elementary or high-school students, university students, etc.

2. Non-commercial events: no commercial/ financial benefit by doing the event

3. Events that promote diversity! We would love to get to a 50% diversity quote - with special recogniation for achieving that

4. Events must be inclusive, respectful (see our Community Guidelines)


Isar Valley is a designed to foster big ideas that are shaping the future.  We have a dedicated team at Google Munich committed to creating a thriving tech and developer community. Reach out to us on social or come say hello in person.