Isar Valley Event Space

Isar Valley can accommodate up to 90 attendees in the entire event space. The space is composed of three areas:

  • Byte: largest space (up to 90 attendees) with an easy tech setup including microphones, screens, etc.
  • Hackerbridge: entry area with space to network and access to the kitchen area and toilets
  • Bit: smaller room (up to 20 attendees) with a screen; it can also be used as wardrobe space 
Floor Plan

Plug-and-play set-up:

Tech Set-up


Wi-Fi, livestream and presentation set up, four microphones, power connection throughout the whole space

Space & Facilities

Room and space

Facilities for up to 90 attendees, additional networking space with kitchen area and wardrobe 

Snacks & Drinks 


To our guests we usually offer non-alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee and some snacks


If you would like us to host you at Isar Valley @ Google for one of the events, please fill out this form with all information required

We will get back to you if we can accommodate your request.

After the event we will ask you to fill out a feedback form to make sure the space serves the community.

Booking an event