Hello Developers,

Welcome to the season 2 of #JuaraGCP. In this season you get an opportunity to self study Google Cloud Platform Data Analytics related tools and technologies starting with One Month Free access to Qwiklabs and completing Coursera Google Cloud Specialization. Receive a cool swag pack upon completing step 1. Sounds interesting? Follow the steps below.

Step 1

Complete minimum any 3 quests from below mentioned quest list. 

(Note : At least one quest should be completed on or after 15th Feb 2020)

If you need qwiklab credits, request from here

Find more GCP related quests from here : google.qwiklabs.com

Step 2

Show that you completed 3 Qwiklab quests by filling this form and you will receive One Month Free access to Coursera Google Cloud Specializations and SWAGS! Complete a Google Cloud Coursera Specilization and proceed to step 3. 

Step 3

Show that you completed a Google Cloud Coursera specialization by filling this form

Why should you be a part of #JuaraGCP?

1. Get recognized by Google Developers & get cool SWAGS

2. Get 1 month of free access to Qwiklabs & Coursera's Google Cloud specializations

Deadline : 13th April 2020

Spread the word by sharing this link: goo.gle/JuaraGCP and use #JuaraGCP on social media. Follow @googledevsid for all updates! 

Be #JuaraGCP 🏆🏆🏆