Frequently Asked Questions


A: There are events for all levels, from beginners to established Kotlin experts. Organizers have the flexibility to adapt the level, format, duration, and other aspects of the agenda based on the needs of their community. Some of the smaller events might only cover one platform; larger ones will cover more than one.

A: It is global. We welcome all developer communities from around the world to participate and create their own events; you can apply using this form. Or if you're interested in learning more about Kotlin you can find an event near you. 

A: Events will primarily take place between Google I/O in May and KotlinConf early December. Some organizers may choose to host events beyond this time.

A: Given the campaign is now nearly over, not many more events are coming up and no more are being added to the map. However, you can reach out to a community near you and see if they are still happy to host one. Organizers can host Kotlin/Everywhere events any time but unfortunately we won't be able to support them with funding or speakers anymore.

A: If you submitted your request prior to November 15th, it will still be considered and you should get an answer within 14 days. You won't be able to submit requests after this date. 

Other organizer questions

A: Yes. 

A: Yes, you can do a Kotlin/Everywhere track in your Dev Fest event. 

A: Yes. You can run multiple events, like Study Jams.

A: You should ask for funding for the entire group of events. You won't be able to ask for funding after November 15th. 

A: Yes. 

A: Yes. The event title should be “Kotlin/Everywhere ”. Your event name can include the city and date, your chapter name, or another name of your choice.