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If you want to organize a Kotlin/Everywhere event for your developer community, you can use this form to:

- Let us know about your event. We may include it in this website. 
- Apply to get speakers from Google / JetBrains. 
- Apply for funding for the venue, food and drinks, swag, or other.

If you're asking for support, make sure you do so at least 2 months before your event; if you give us shorter notice then the chances of getting support will be a lot slimmer.

Note that even if you ask for a speaker and/or funding support there is no guarantee that you will get it. You will get a response from a Google/JetBrains representative within 14 days.

Remember the events should take place between May 15th and December 1st. You can host events after this deadline but keep in mind that we will likely not be able to provide any kind of support. 

More guidance, creative assets, and content can be found in the Organizer Guide


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