Thank you for your interest in attending our Launchpad Build event. Please fill out the following form so we can get to know you better. 

PLEASE NOTE: Your application does not guarantee admittance to the event. If selected, we will get in touch with you on next steps.

This event is best suited for:

  • Startups MVP+ stage
  • Startups with at least two decision makers attending the event (CEO + CMO, CTO (depending on the focus are)).

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Be open: accept that you might need to change your concept/idea based on data
  • Make decisions and be active: this is not a listening, but working session, so we expect you to move ahead throughout the day
  • Bring data: the more you can show the mentors the easier for them to help you with your challenges.



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    • General Interest in Launchpad
      Feb. 2, 2022 2:22 - 22:22 Munich
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