Mentors & Startups Our Mentors are carefully selected and reviewed by mentors from other countries and a committee of Googlers. Dozens of experts from the fields of Product Strategy, UX/ UI, Technology and Marketing as well as Pitching, Finance or VC will be helping our Startups to succeed.

dorothy gal

Dorothy Gal (Hungary)

Dorothy is an experienced mentor for early stage startups. She has developed curriculum for the country’s top accelerator (Design Terminal | TechLab - CESA award winner 2016) and created a new executive educational service for Brain Bar called Mastermind Sessions. She is currently leading growth for Become Valuable, a business development program adopted globally by Google.

Pavel Bartos

Pavel Bartos (Czech Republic)

Pavel is a startup expert, helping startups to find out who their ideal customers really are and how to build the whole startup around them. He is a co-founder of Happyend., startup agency, and he cooperates with various incubators, accelerators and startup programs such as Google Launchpad or European Space Agency Business Incubator. He likes to work with data and proven facts rather than assumptions and thoughts.

peter vidos

Peter Vidos  (Hungary)

Peter is a startup hustler & mentor with years of hands-on experience in product management, business development, marketing & customer support. He is the Founder & CEO of Product Genie – with which he helps entrepreneurs to build cool stuff. Earlier products / projects range from mobile beta testing, ad targeting, data visualization through e-learning & educational administration to building a selfie teleport just for fun.


 Didier Schapiro (Czech Republic)

Didier is founder and managing director of Hermes Consultants sro, a consulting and training company specialized in sales performance and strategy. He has created recently the Sales Doctor, to specifically support startups and innovative companies achieve greater sales performance, sales strategy, sales communication and salespeople;
He is backed by 25+ years of sales management and consultancy worldwide, and is partnering regularly with Google.

nik page

Nik Page (Czech Republic)

Nik believes a better future is worth taking risks, challenging “common wisdom”, and sometimes pissing people off on the way to discovering genuine inspiration. He also believes that a better future is entirely within our grasp and that it’s the only thing really worth the effort.
He started doing all that in UI testing and design when UI’s were distributed on floppies and CDs. He has been part of their evolution from those early days before a public internet. Along the way he learned that the interface (UI) is NOT experience (UX) and that in design, Best Practices often lead to failure. He’s worked for start-ups and global corporations where he always pushed for better User Experience focused design.
Currently Nik is a startup mentor, an experience strategist & designer, a Google Developer Expert, and a fanatic about designing the future. He promotes user experience strategy & design in crypto as the way to mass adoption and eventual social changes. 

mary alcantara

Mary Collins Alcantara (Hungary)

Mary Collins Alcantara has been a key player in the Hungarian startup ecosystem for the last 5 years. She is a founding partner of tandemLEAP, a business management company with offices in Budapest and New York City. With a background in business development and management consulting, Mary helps launch and promote Hungarian startups and tech companies to the US market. She is a founding member of the Hungarian Business Angel Network and currently leads the incubation program at MKB Fintechlab.


Balint Orosz (Hungary)

Balint was the Co-Founder & CEO of Distinction, which was later acquired by Skyscanner. Now he is a partner at A3 Ventures, a micro-fund, supporting early-stage tech companies. Balint is also working on a stealth startup. 


József Porohnavec (Hungary)

József is a product manager, currently at NNG. Expert in the future of mobility and transportation. Excited about how the electric vehicle revolution and autonomous vehicles will completely change the way we move goods and people. Looking forward to see in what way this is going to transform the time we spend from our own living room to our destination and how well we use it.


Gáspár Háznagy (Hungary)

Designer and Creative Strategist “I help companies build brands and digital products. Comprehensive services from consultancy through concept creation to pixel perfect designs. I am available for freelancing. After spending years at agencies, I moved to Berlin in 2013 and started to work for startups and company builders.” 

"These mentors were of substantially superior quality/level compared to the cca 20 mentors I have met in the past 3 years."

(Launchpad Build participant, Prague)