At our very first Google Launchpad Munich we have 16 Startups attending the one week bootcamp in WEKR1 München. Our Startups have been selected in a joined effort with the local ecosystems and networks. They will be all accepted for in the Google Launchpad program to also get additional support after the Launchpad week.

Addrezzed Fairytale Distillery kultamour Scalable Capital
CLEVERTISE Gastrando GmbH Mr. Signal GmbH smartChef
Colorimetrix Global Data Machine OmegaLambdaTec Swimp GmbH
easySCOTT parcelLab Whiteout Networks


We are providing an intelligent Smartphone Adressbook, e.i. a contact-App that allows users to share contact information via a

location-based web service, get aligned with people much more naturally and where they only maintain one profile – their own!



CLEVERTISE is developing a platform for intelligent and interactive Digital Out-of-Home Advertising. Our first product is "Digital Boutique", a digital signage system for stationery retailers, which turns their shop-windows into a digital store (24/7). Retailers upload their inventory through a web-interface to their individual digital store (HTML5).

Their customers navigate through the Boutique using gesture control (motion sensing technology). We want to empower the stationery retail to develop strategies to successfully compete against e-commerce by integrating our technology into the customer journey.



Colorimetrix transforms mobile phones into relevant scientific devices. It takes this one step forward and provides solutions for realtime testing of coloriemtric tests. Its cleverly design algorithm interprets phone data and returns veterinary, ecologically, or health relevant data.

Having the full advantages of the phone's connectivity the possibilities expand to remote monitoring, cloud analysis of big data, etc. This is the kind of app all big IT players moving into health need to have in their portfolios.



easySCOTT is the Smart Data approach for Film and TV production. We digitize content information, link it directly to the the film clips and store this in information in a cloud based database. From there on we can provide automatically created reports, time-saving metadata exchange with the post-production and comprehensive statistics for the production companies.


Fairytale Distillery

We are creating a persistent-world online role-playing game called "Das Tal" - specifically designed to be compatible with an adult's life (full-time job, family). Where existing games in the genre require their players to treat them as a "second job", we focus on being light on time requirements and instantly accessible - without sacrificing gameplay depth.

The game also solves the problem of new players never having a chance to catch up with veterans of persistent world games by making our game worlds seasonal and having a new one start every day. The last thing it does is that it allows the player base to create their own rule sets for game worlds - which they can fill with niche features to their desires - and not rely on a "one size fits all" model.


Gastrando GmbH is Germany's biggest B2B marketplace for restaurant products online. We do not only have the biggest sortiment available, but are additionally creating an eco-system around the out-of-house market, that includes jobboards, second-hand products, marketing advice and other services.

We want to bring the B2C shopping experience into the B2B market, and get support from known players like the METRO Group, Stepstone and Delivery Hero.


Global Data Machine

Look around the room you are in - from flooring, to lighting or even fire extinguishers - the distributers of these products are our customers. They sell their products to construction projects! With our database, they can find, specify & evaluate new sales leads by browsing thousands of construction projects globally.

Unlike our competitors, we do not use human labour, but a search algorithm to research the data. This allows us to provide customers with new sales leads earlier, more updated, for lower cost and with richer information. The team behind GDM are alumni from universities such as Cambridge, LSE or CDTM, which all already started their own business.


Turn Gmail into a helpdesk.

Keeping™ is the world’s first helpdesk that works inside Gmail.

Keeping™ is a Gmail extension that adds helpdesk functionalities to any Gmail or Google App email accounts.

Currently have over 1600 beta users (companies) that have shown an interest in



kultamour is a platform that connects people through events. We focus on high-level cultural events like opera, theatre and concerts and offer our users the possibility to find someone like-minded to attend the event and to buy the tickets.

For our partners, the ticket companies, we open a new target group: people who would like to attend events but don't do it because they don't want to go alone. So we represent  a completely new sales channel.


Mr. Signal GmbH

Mr. Signal sells a WiFi base station for storing information and receiving it from smartphones/tablets. The base station thus provides text, audio files, images and videos free of charge and in a very personal but anonymous way - target group marketing in this day and age of data scandals.

The owner of a base station is our customer and pays for the transmission of data onto the station, which the owner can set up wherever required.



OmegaLambdaTec will bring the most advanced data analysis methods of modern astrophysics to the real world - to provide customers with the best possible answers to their data driven questions. With a worldwide digital data volume that doubles every 1.5-2 years, the use and commercial exploitation of this enormous data potential will depend on the emerging key sector of 'data science'.

We will provide this as an integral service starting from the individual questions up to final answers to their customers. The end product are final analysis results of scientific quality offered as single individual studies or as automated pipeline analyses on a subscription basis. Customers profit from the customized solutions, the wide range of analysis services, attractive pricing models, and the applications of the most innovative analysis methods developed at the forefront of research.


We are building a communication platform to enable the most customer-centric eCommerce deliveries. It is  a one stop/ one click delivery management tool with integration to all shops on the web. It will also allow for the most sustainable way of eCommerce deliveries.


Scalable Capital

We are building an investment management service for the digital generation. We employ highly-innovative algorithms for managing optimal, risk-protected portfolios in a transparent and cost-efficient way.


smartChef is about creating a smart & easy solution for recipes and shopping lists using existing Google infrastructure: Chrome browser extension, Chrome app, Android app and Google App Engine. Users can collect recipes they find on the web, create shopping lists based on ingredients. We provide smart suggestions based on interests and habits through cloud bases data analysis.

On the other hand we're creating a database of recipes from user content, providing third-party access to the database and more.

Swimp GmbH

We build a B2B SaaS solution to get reviews done.

Today, the review process of digital media files is painful. To get files approved by clients or remote teams, people use emails, file hosters and excel spreadsheets.

Our tool is a central workspace to manage approval processes for all digital media files (video, audio, images and documents). We simplify feedback loops by offering an easy way to share files, collect feedback and get approvals done.

Whiteout Networks GmbH

At Whiteout Networks we believe that everybody should be able to encrypt their sensitive information. Whiteout Mailbox is an end-to-end encrypted email service that is written 100% in Javascript and runs on all devices, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks. Standards-based (OpenPGP), interoperable, open source.  Currently in private beta.