What is Google Launchpad?

Google Launchpad Week is a boot camp for early stage startups focusing on critical startup topics: product strategy and business developmentuser experience and user interfacetechnologymarketing and presentation skills. Each day is dedicated to a specific topic and structured around overview talks and one-on-one mentorships sessions with top-notch external and Google internal mentors. The goal is to achieve rapid progress in a very short time.

Launchpad Week is designed to support the local ecosystem and adding value to existing accelerator and incubator programs. The Launchpad Weeks  run in multiple countries on a regular basis, including Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Singapore and London. 

Google Launchpad Week is part of the global Launchpad program (g.co/launchpad). It provides startups in all stages with resources, online content, mentorship and training they need to succeed. 

What makes it so special?

You'll have intensive 1:1 mentorship sessions with top-mentors, which are dedicated to help you with your startup, exactly with the challenges you have right now. 


Google's Core Organizer Team & Hosts

    Frank Fischer             

Katharina Lindenthal

Developer Relations Lead DACH 

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Developer Relations Program Manager

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Previous Launchpad Weeks

Want to know what startups and mentors have been part of Launchpad before? Here are the links to the Launchpad Weeks in Munich and Launchpad Week in Berlin.


Recap Launchpad Berlin

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Mentors & Startups

Our Mentors have been carefully selected and reviews by our Head Mentors and a committee of Googlers. More than 28 experts from the fields of Product Strategy, UX/ UI, Technology and Marketing as well as Pitching, Finance or VC are helping our Startups to succeed. 

Our Startups have been selected in a joined effort with the local ecosystems and networks. They will be all accepted for the Google Launchpad Program to also get additional support after the Launchpad week.

Quotes from Participants:

Tatiana, SkillnDeal: "I think Google Launchpad is the best addition to an accelerator or an incubator program. It is very intensive but it is really helpful for startups."

Oskar, Timply: "The benefits are huge, fist of all you get a lot of great people known, you receive a lot of contacts and you just point your mentors what are your problem areas and they will help to solve it."

Philipp, roomister: "The biggest learning this week is that we just reinvented the whole product, the whole value of the product. That was completely turned around and we got a good thing out of it. So it was a huge benefit for us to join this program."

Anonymus, Survey Feedback: "A big thanks to the mentors. They really helped us look hard at our business and asked the right questions"

Anonymus, Survey Feedback: "Google Launchpad is just amazing - in one week you will learn so much - it feels like 5 weeks. Thank you so much Frank, Katha & all the great mentors for these life changing days!!!!"

Anonymus, Survey Feedback: "Thank you again. It has been a tough week, but brought a lot of things I didn't know until today. Definitely very helpful. And of course, lots of positive energy, extremely valuable mentors and Startup collegues."