At the Google Launchpad Munich we have 12 Startups attending the one week bootcamp in WERK1. Our Startups have been selected in a joined effort with the local ecosystems and networks. They will be all accepted for in the Google Launchpad Program to also get additional support after the Launchpad Week. is a SaaS solution for small and medium sized companies for managing their employees. We replace time consuming and tedious spread sheets with smart and intuitive online solutions. Our first module which went live this year January helps keeping track of all kind of absences like vacation sickness and trainings.



Cardiolyze is a mobile solution for the prevention and diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. Based on 2 years of academic research and clinical studies, we’ve developed a technology that is able to extract diverse and highly relevant cardiovascular parameters by using the smartphone only.



CellulARSkin is an innovative artificial robotic skin, enabling truly collaborative robotic systems where direct human-machine-interaction is feasible.


eCozy is a smart design-driven radiator thermostat that helps save 30% of annual heating costs (around 600 EUR on avg. in Germany). Its easy and fun to use. And it looks great!




We developed a platform which visualizes complex topics by showing the connections between corresponding parts of information and offers deeper access into information. As a result the user can navigate in an interactive storytelling map for a better understanding, just like with navigation tools.



LandMeFy is a deal finder app based on LBS services paired with beacons. LandMeFy is also a marketing platform for the business owners that can design and publish deals on his own.




Nuclino is an open platform for learners, educators and hackers around interactive and visually engaging tutorials - like GitHub for Learning. We provide the tools and frameworks to make the creation and consumption of complex topics fun and easy.



Our tool IdeaClouds is an agile problem-solving tool that actively helps users to solve their problems faster. IdeaClouds can be seen as a virtual moderator for ideation meetings.



We enable people from around the world - online and offline - to customize, buy and sell made-to-order interior and lifestyle products. Basically - we´re an "Etsy on industrial level" - or an ""Alibaba for products in single quantity - or a "Zazzle for XXL premium products".



We deliver a highly flexible polymer-based tactile sensor technology that our industry customers can use to build products with intuitive interfaces that sense the way, the users touch them. Analyzing the sensor data generates a tactile user profile that helps to create individual user interfaces and unique user experiences.



"TANGNT news: - displays the world’s news stories as a network of related nodes - highlights news channel partiality based on 3rd party information - enables local readers to validate articles according to their personal experience Natural Language Processing (NLP) + user validation + an interactive UI. "


Light is more than you can see. We offer an intelligent lighting system, which adapts to our users circadian rhythm, mental constitution and external influences. Based on this data, our product creates optimized lighting conditions to support our users biorhythm actively for higher productivity and well-being.