Q. Will Google provide travel and accomodation support for the event ?

A. No, Startups are expected to support themselves to be at Launchpad Week. If you are arriving from out of Jakarta, we recomment that you plan to be in town by Sun, November 8 so you can be at the venue on time on Monday!

Q. Will there be internet at the Venue?
A. Our Venue Partner does provide basic internet connectivity. However, we have seen from previous Launchpads that the internet can get spotty and slow at times.
We recommend that you bring along your datacard or 3G connections.
Q. Is there any fee involved for this event ?
A. No, there are no charges to be a part of the event.
Q. What are the event timings ?
A. Refer to the Agenda tab on this site for event schedule.
Q. Can I bring along more people?
A. All the names you have submitted to Google are whitelisted to attend. If you are bringing along anyone new, you need to get prior clearance from your Google POC.
Q. When will I get to know who are my mentors?
A. Mentor matching will be done closer to date (due to changing mentor availability). Typically you will get your mentor schedule for each day the evening before.
Q. Will there be food?
A. Yes! Lunch and Coffee/Snacks are arranged daily.