MENA Partners Masters Program

Mandatory Pre-read Material

Discover the true value of each click with data-driven attribution - Part 1

In order to understand the true value of each of Search click, you need an attribution model that better reflects the new fragmented mobile-first consumer journey.

Join our session to learn how Data-driven attribution (DDA) in Search Ads 360 can help you better understand the value of each ad click throughout your customer’s journey.

Discover the true value of each click with data-driven attribution - Part 2

In the second episode dedicated to Data Driven Attribution in Search Ads 360, we will take a closer look at the more advanced topics. Attribution reports can give you detailed information about the paths that lead people to conversions for your business.

In this session our product experts will walk you through how DDA reports can give you a better sense of your potential customers' conversion paths than just looking at the last-clicked keyword.

Get ready for Google Ads Parallel Tracking in SA360.

On October the 30th, Google Ads will enforce all accounts to use Parallel Tracking. With Parallel tracking, users will be redirected to the final URL directly after clicking on an ad from Intermediate URLs, including the SA360 clickserver, would be pinged asynchronously.

While standard click tracking is unaffected, features dependent on the SA360 clickserver modifying the final URL will no longer function. During this session we will be covering how to get SA360 ready to be compatible with Parallel Tracking. 

Audiences in Search Ads 360

 Audiences are at the very heart of an optimized, user oriented and successful search engine advertising strategy. Leverage your media audience strategy in Search Ads 360 by combining it with the most advanced optimization features.

In this livestream, you will learn the way audiences help you map the entire conversion journey of your users, the types of audiences you can use through Search Ads 360, and how you can drive success by empowering their reach with Search Ads 360 automation features.   

Reporting and Managing Budgets in SA360

Spending a specific budget in a given timeframe and spending it in the most optimal way may pose a challenge for many advertisers. During this livestream we will show you what tools are available in SA360 to help you keep track of spend as well as automate bid management to help you achieve your budget and performance goals.

We will discuss best practices in setting up budget bid strategies and show you a real life demo to make sure that after the livestream you’ll be fully equipped to successfully launch your own budget bid strategies.    

Using data-driven attribution for Google Search

Google AdWords is now Google Ads. Click here to learn more about our new advertising brand:

Search Ads 360 Retail Holiday Playbook

The countdown to the Holiday Season 2018 has begun! Search Ads 360 offers you the tools to maximise performance during the key retail period, save administrative hours through automated workflows, and leverage powerful reporting to uncover insights.

Join us for this session so that you are fully prepared ahead of the holiday period across all your Search Marketing efforts.

Conversion Measurement and Parallel Tracking

Christmas is just around the corner and with up and coming product updates on their way it’s extremely important to ensure you have implemented the latest tracking solutions for full conversion measurement.

This session will run through a refresher of the global site tag and Google tag manager measurement solutions and demystify the implications of parallel tracking on your SA360 URL template configuration

Inventory Management: Create highly targeted campaigns with dynamic data in Search Ads 360

For companies whose business revolves around a large dynamic inventory, the challenge of constantly adapting search campaigns to these inventory changes can be enormous.

Join us to take a closer look at how Inventory Management in Search Ads 360 can use data from an inventory feed to generate & automatically update highly targeted campaigns. Discover how to save time spent on constantly creating keywords or updating ads so you can better focus on optimization and strategy

Finding success with DoubleClick Search Bid strategies - Part 1

Join us for an exclusive look into the essentials of autobidding solutions offered by DoubleClick Search. In this episode of DoubleClick Search on Air, we will review the basics of new bid strategy set up, share best practices and review solutions to the most commonly encountered challenges

Finding success with DoubleClick Search Bid strategies - Part 2

In the second episode dedicated to auto bidding solutions, we will take a closer look at the more advanced capabilities offered by the DS bidding suite and deep dive into optimisation tips that are relevant to your business.

We will be joined by one of our very own product specialists making this a very actionable and practical session with plenty of examples and use cases.

V1 - Decide on Labels to customise your DoubleClick Search Data Driven Attribution model(s)

In this first video in a series of six we explain the role of labels in the DoubleClick Search data driven attribution model. We touch on best practices for label creation, label structures and label rules.

Oceanic Airlines is used as a test case and we go through this demo account to show step by step instructions on how you go about setting up Data Driven attribution in DoubleClick Search.

This stage is the most important one in the Data Driven attribution setup and investing eleven minutes in watching this video will help you get the most out of this exciting feature. If this is done well, the next step, creating your DDA