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Attendees will leave this workshop with an understanding of how to turn insights regarding user goals and needs into an integral part of their team’s product development process by using Critical User Journeys and Experience Outcomes.

Hands-on experience with writing and evaluating CUJs and XOs will give attendees a framework to take home and implement with their own teams. 

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Critical User Journeys (CUJ) focus on functional needs, such as whether users have enough information to accomplish a goal.

“I want to know how much I'm going to have to pay.” 

Experience Outcomes (XO) focus on emotional needs (e.g. trust) and whether users feel like their needs are met.

“I trust this company will charge me the right amount.” 

Traditionally, User Journeys have been used to create empathy and inform design. Assigning priority and identifying which user journeys are most critical turns User Journeys into a prioritization tool. In the same vein, User Experience Maps have traditionally been used to visualize a User Journey, highlighting the progression of emotions as a way to create empathy with product teams. Measuring the fulfillment of emotional needs turns qualitative insight regarding users’ emotions into a success metric for a product. In investigating the value of considering customers’ emotions, Magids et. al found that fully emotionally connected customers are 52% more valuable than those who are just highly satisfied [2].

In addition, many metrics-driven companies can have difficulty interpreting qualitative insights. Morris et. al conducted foundational research to understand what mattered most to their customers. The team then developed Customer Experience Outcomes (CXOs) derived from user needs and success criteria. These were later measured via survey feedback [1]. This example conveys how investing in CUJs and CXOs can help increase user engagement and drive strategic decision-making. While instrumented quantitative metrics are great for knowing what customers are doing, CUJs and XOs help highlight why they’re doing it. Embedding user needs into how product teams make decisions ensures that teams focus on the biggest influence on their bottom line - what users care about. Through group activities and discussion, participants in this workshop will get first-hand experience on how to articulate and utilize Critical User Journeys and Experience Outcomes to bring this focus to their teams.   

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When & where

Tue October 1 08:45:00 2019
Taipei International Convention Center, Taipei, Taiwan


Timeline Description

Introductions, ice breakers, overview of the workshop

Intro to CUJs and XOs (what they are, why they matter, how they can be used)

How to write good CUJs and XOs




Group Activity + Discussion: Writing CUJs

Group Activity + Discussion: Writing XOs




Applying CUJs & XOs to your products

Group Activity: Evaluating CUJ/XOs





Group Activity: Conduct mock user studies to practice evaluating

CUJ/XOs Group Discussion: How to get buy-in from other team members Wrap up






Evelyn Tio

UX Researcher


Megan Torkildson

UX Researcher

Denise Su

UX Researcher

Aditi Bhargava

UX Researcher



Heidi Toussaint

UX Researcher



Dawn Shaikh

Director & UX Researcher