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Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a user-centred problem solving method. It begins with an understanding of user needs, continues with research into innovative solutions, and ends with rapid prototyping.


At the New Generation of Founders workshop, you will meet new people with different types of experience and diverse interests. Go through all the steps of a design process, with a bit of theoretical introduction and lots of practical exercises.


Do you already have a business idea or problem that you need to solve? Perfect! In our workshop, you will understand what is the nature of the problem, how to empathise with the user and how to test and improve your product.

How can you become a Design Thinker?

Want to develop your creativity and innovative spirit, but don’t know how? Do you think you have a great business idea, but don’t know how to test it? Do you want to become an entrepreneur, but do not know where to start? Take part in Design Thinking workshops and learn about the tools and methods Google uses to develop innovative products and ideas. 

You will learn 3 important skills


Emphaty conversations
Empathy will help you uncover users’ desires regarding their way of life, work and relaxation. Empathy lets you get inspired by real needs and create valuable products and services for users. During the workshop, you will learn how to focus on users and how to understand them.


Development of ideas is a very important step in Design Thinking. You will learn how to brainstorm and generate as many ideas as possible. You and your team will have 10 times more creative ideas than now.


Don’t expect to find the perfect solution at first try. You will learn how to minimise the risk of project failure by creating a prototype and testing it on a small group of users. Get feedback from users and create a final product that best fits their needs and leads to a successful project.

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