We're excited to announce North America GDG Academy will take place in Boulder on July 13th! Join us for this exciting event with more than 50 new organizers. 

There will be pre-summit dinner on July 12th

Our goal is to bring GDG Leads together to share best practices on running their communities, meet inspiring people, listen to talks, run workshops, and discuss ways to foster community efforts, inclusion and diversity across the North America tech scene. 



North America GDG Community

With our events, we have amazing times with all GDG leads across North America. We're looking forward to seeing you!

Great content, great people together!

Exciting times with excellent speakers and community GDG Leads who are changing the world with their power.

When and where

July 12 & July 13, 2019
Boulder, CO - Google Office

There will be a pre-summit dinner on July 12th at 6pm. 



Stay tuned!