Do I need to speak fluent English to attend the event?

All presentations and trainings will be conducted in English. For this reason you do need to have a level of English that allows you to have a professional conversation.

What is paid by Google?

The following is covered by Google:

If you have any questions please email

Airport Transfers

No transfer will be supplied by Google on arrival to Dublin.  Please find here a Google map with the hotels marked on it.  Taxis and public transport (buses) will be avalible at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 on your arrival. A recommended bus company is Air Coach and will take you to many locations in Dublin city centre.

Transfers will be available from Google to Dublin Airport  after the conference finishes on Wednesday, 14th October.

For directions from the Airport to your hotel, please click on your hotel name below.

The Spencer Hotel
The Malrdon cardiff Lane
The Clyde Court
The Gibson Hotel

How many people from my company can attend?

Please see your invite for further information

Can I transfer my registration to a colleague?

Your invite is non-tansferable. For further information on this please contact your Google Contact

Is there a dress code?

We want you to feel comfortable during your time here with us and as such there is no specific dress code for the conference or networking event. In general the majority of attendees tend to choose the option of 'smart/casual' for both the conference and evening event.

Will I get access to the presentations?

Presentations will be made available on this website after the event.

Visa Information

Depending on your citizenship, you might require a visa to enter the Republic of Ireland. We advise you to check if you need a visa on the following website:

Irish Visa Information

If you do need a visa, please indicate this in the registration form. Google will provide you with an invitation letter to the conference to support your visa application. Your account manager will be in touch to get your passport number, address and a city where you intend to apply for a visa if you indicate that you need an invitation letter from us in the registration form.

Once you have registered for the event, please initiate your visa application through the online application service on the INIS website:

Online Application Check

Finally, a very important note!

Since Republic of Ireland is a sovereign state, the UK visa is not valid for entry to the Republic of Ireland. Republic of Ireland is also not part of the Schengen area, hence Schengen visa is not valid for the Republic of Ireland either.

In limited circumstances citizens of some countries who have a valid UK visa of certain type might use this for entry to Ireland, called a Visa Waiver Programme. If you have a valid UK visa, you might want to check your eligibility for this programme at the following link:

Visa Waiver for UK Valid Visa



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