Professional Women and Sports

Meet our speakers!


Mark Herbst

Mark is Google's corporate fitness program lead and has been working at GFit Google for 6 years. 


Mallory Nieman

Originally from Boston, Mallory first began cycling when she moved to Zurich. In 2016 she opened the first indoor cycling studio in the city.


Emma Pooley

Emma is engineer and professional cyclist. She represented Great Britain at 3 Olympic Games and won the time trial World Championships as well as medals at Commonwealth and Olympic Games.

Emma now works full time as a presenter at GCN: the world's biggest online cycling channel.


Tamara Prader

Tamara is an architect that has been passionate about sports since she was a child. It was only when she finished her studies at ETH, that she heard about downhill longboarding and started competing.


Oleksiy Mishchenko

Working at Google for more than a decade as engineer, Oleksiy is in the top 10 of the fittest persons in the Tech industry ranking worldwide.

He travels with his bike around the world and had recent success at the Tour of Friendship in Thailand and Swiss TorTour 400km "Sprint".


Kirtanya von Matt

Kirtanya is from Vancouver and is one of the owners of The Bite, Brisket Southern BBQ & Bar and Yardbird Southern Fried Chicken. She's competing in her first Half Ironman 70.3 in Augusta, Georgia at the end of September this year.