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If you're a Google Top Contributor, you already know that you're making a huge impact. As the most active, knowledgeable, and dedicated members of our product communities, you help millions of people make the most of Google's products. Thank you for sharing your expertise, testing new features, and advocating for product changes.

In appreciation for the expertise and passion you bring to our communities, we're excited to invite you to the Regional Top Contributor Summit, Dublin. The Regional Top Contributor Summits are events Google hosts to bring together Top Contributors like you who live in the same corner of the world and/or speak the same language. At the regional summits, you can learn more about Google products as well as connect with community managers, product team members, and other Top Contributors.


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Wednesday, October 25th
All Day Airport transfers Dublin Airport
14:00 - 20:00 Registration Clayton Hotel Burlington Road, B Bar
14:00 - 17:00 UX Studies Clayton Hotel Burlington Road, Sussex Room
17:00 - 20:00 Welcome Reception Clayton Hotel Burlington Road, B Bar
Thursday, October 26th
07:30 Load shuttles Hotel Lobby
07:40 Shuttle transfer to Google
08:00  Breakfast
Google Official Merchandise Store available
09:00 Welcome
Karoline O'Sullivan | Administrative Business Partner
09:30 Google thanks
Fionnuala Meehan | VP EMEA, Google Marketing Solutions
09:50 TC Program updates
Natalia Mitrofanova | Community Program Manager
10:20 Made By Google
Kathleen Garrity | Community and Social Operations Lead, Hardware Davide Barbieri | EMEA Product Support Manager
11:20 Break
Google Official Merchandise Store available
11:50 Trust, control, and transparency: Google's data story
Caitlyn Toombs | Product Support Manager
12:30 Lunch
Google Official Merchandise Store available
14:00 Help on Social and the TC feedback that shaped it
Kevin Forcet | Conversocial Crowds Product Manager
Julien Schleret | Social Program Manager
14:30 Project Tailwind
Heidi Bramlet | Product Manager, Google Help
Samantha Markovich | Online Help Program Manager
15:15 Break
Google Official Merchandise Store available
15:45 Machine Learning at Google
Padraig Hough | Program Manager, Geo Data Ops
16:30 How we work with NGOs: a look into 
Stuart Mclaughlin | Senior Regional Manager - EMEA, 
17:00 Wrap-up 
Karoline O'Sullivan | Administrative Business Partner
17:15 Group picture Google
17:30 Evening Social Event Google
20:30 Shuttle transfer to hotel
Friday, October 27th
07:30 Load shuttles Clayton Hotel Burlington Road, Lobby
07:40 Shuttle transfer to Google
08:00 Breakfast Google
09:00 AM Product Breakouts Google
12:00 Lunch Google
13:30 PM Product Breakouts Google
16:30 Campus Tour Google
17:30 Shuttle transfer to hotel 
18:00 Break Clayton Hotel Burlington Road
19:00 Shuttle transfer to Closing Celebration
19:30 Closing Celebration Guinness Storehouse
22:00 Shuttle transfer to Hotel
Saturday, October 28th
All Day  Airport transfers  Clayton Hotel Burlington Road, Lobby


The Regional Top Contributor Summit, Dublin will be hosted at the Google EMEA Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland:

Grand Mill Quay
Barrow St, Grand Canal Dock
Dublin, Ireland



We know Dublin might be a long way to travel for some attendees, so Google is happy to provide travel reimbursement and booking services as follows:

Booking travel

Please indicate your preferred mode of transportation (plane, train, bus, your car) in your registration. After you register, you will receive a registration confirmation and transportation information from Cogs & Marvel, our travel agency.

If you plan to:

  • fly, Cogs & Marvel will book your flight for you. Please reply to the their email within 24 hours to confirm your flight itinerary or request any changes; If you do not respond to the agency within 24 hours, they may have to generate a new itinerary for you once they hear back from you.
  • take a train, bus, or other public transportation, book your ticket on your own after receiving your registration confirmation. Cogs & Marvel will reimburse you at the summit based on your receipts. They will provide you with instructions.
  • drive, Cogs & Marvel will reimburse you for gas mileage, tolls, and parking based on your receipts. We expect the reimbursement to total no more than $250USD. Please let us know if you expect your total travel expenses to be higher than this amount.

Travel costs and reimbursements

Google will cover the following transportation costs associated with your regional summit attendance:

Airline ticket
Train ticket
Bus ticket
Driving reimbursement


Google will not cover any associated transportation costs, such as getting from your home to the airport, airport parking, meals while traveling, baggage fees, seat upgrades, visa application fees, or travel insurance.

Reimbursements will be given on-site at the summit based on the receipts you provide. We expect the reimbursement to total no more than $250USD. Please let us know if you expect your total travel expenses to be higher than this amount.

Travel documents

You are responsible for securing the appropriate travel documentation needed to attend the regional summit, including passports and visas. We encourage you to start the application processes as soon as you can because the time it takes to secure these documents varies by country. Additionally, we will not book your flight until you have secured your visa or passport.

If you are applying for a visa, Google can provide a letter of support for you to include with your visa application. In order to request a letter, please complete the appropriate section of the summit registration.

If you have any questions please contact Cogs & Marvel at



Google will arrange and cover the cost for all attendees to stay in Clayton Hotel, Burlington Road, checking in on 25 October and checking out on 28 October.  

Completing your regional summit registration will initiate the process of booking your hotel room.

Your registration confirmation will act as your hotel confirmation. If you need to make any changes to your hotel reservation, please contact Cogs & Marvel at and they will work with the hotel. Please do not contact the hotel directly.

Hotel information:
Clayton Hotel Burlington Road,
4 Leeson Street Upper,
Dublin 4,
D04 A318



Who is invited to attend the regional summits?

Regional summits are invite-only and for Google Top Contributors. We have extended invitations to all current, active Top Contributors (see Top Contributor attributes here).

What should I expect to get out of the Regional Top Contributor Summits?

The regional summit will give you an opportunity to attend informational and educational sessions, spend time with and give feedback to Google Product Teams, and socialize with Google Community Managers and TCs. We hope you’ll leave the regional summit with a fuller understanding of Google and our products, as well as a stronger relationships with TCs and Community Managers.

What is the agenda for the Regional Top Contributor Summits?

During the regional summit, you can expect to hear from interesting speakers, participate in interactive breakout sessions, catch up with Googlers and TCs, and spend quality time with product teams. We will share more about the agenda closer to the summit date.

Should I bring a computer or tablet?

These devices are not required, but please feel free to bring one.

Is there a dress code?

Please wear whatever you’re comfortable in.

Can I bring a guest?

A guest may join you on your trip and attend the welcome reception, but they may not attend any other portion of the summit. Also, please note the agency cannot book flights for guests. Should you wish to have a guest with you at the welcome reception or in your room, please advise the agency. There is no additional charge to have one guest in your room.

What costs will Google cover for my summit attendance?

Please see the Travel section for more information.

How will Google help me apply for a visa if I need one to attend a summit?

You are responsible for understanding the visa requirements, process, and applying for your visa. Google will support your visa application by providing you with a letter of support, which you should take with you to your visa appointment. Please fill out the appropriate section of the registration in order to initiate the visa support letter process. Beyond the letter, Google will be unable to provide any further support. However, we can offer the following information: some Top Contributor Program event attendees found success in securing visas by applying for shorter duration stays and bringing a printout of their Google NDA with them to their visa appointment.  

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Please email with any questions.