Retail Excellence Sweden

Welcome to the online only Retail Excellence session on the 10th of September. 

This event will be high level, focusing on current and predicted retail trends in Sweden. We will talk about current events and link this to suitable digital strategies. Amoung other things, we will talk about mobility reports, Google trends, Smart Shopper 2020 and Customer Lifetime Profit via Omnichannel. 

We will also introduce the Holiday Excellence Week, starting on the 14th of September so hope you can join us. Read more and registration here

You can also check the 2020 Holiday Playbook.


Suitable for?

The retail excellence event will be high level, focusing on strategy rather than execution. The event is therefore suitable for you who work in a decision making role at a retailer or agency in Sweden.

When and where?

Thursday 10 September | 09:00 - 10:00
Online Only


09:00 - Intro: Retail Excellence

09:10 - Consumer Changes

09:25 - What Retailers Need to Focus on

09:50 - Intro to Holiday Excellence Week

Q & A ongoing in the chat during the event.