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We are super excited to share with you the DSC Skills Level Up: Live online event on March 28, 2020! DSC Skills Level Up is a livestream session to learn more about different topics from career discussions to essential skills ready for your career. This is a great opportunity to bring members of your community together to learn something new directly from Googlers.

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1. Learn the best practices and essential skills for your career directly from Googlers
2. Get a 1 month of free access to Qwiklabs & Coursera's Google Cloud specializations after our livestream event!  

DSC Lead


March 28, 2020 2PM (SG Timezone)
SEA Region & Pakistan

📄 Resume Building & Interview Skills

This weekend live session focuses on teaching how to develop the essential skills in resume building, handling the job interview, and opportunities to upskill yourself for the future. Get to know the best practices in the industry by asking our awesome Googlers directly!

Our Speakers

We've invited our University Programs Team to speak and share the best practices with you about the topics on our agenda.

Charlotte Park

Associate Lead, Southeast Asia Talent & Outreach Programs

Betty Tsai

Program Specialist, Talent and Outreach Programs

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Get excited to learn more from our speakers! See you next livestream event and stay updated for more!