What is SMB Heroes?

SMB Heroes is an initiative by Google to celebrate the small & medium businesses across India who have achieved growth with the power of digital.

Why has Google launched SMB Heroes?

More and more SMBs in India are leveraging the power of digital to grow their reach, profitability and productivity. We want to acknowledge everyone who is harnessing the power of the internet to grow their business and honor them as SMB Heroes so that they can inspire others in India to achieve similar successes.

What do I win after becoming a SMB Hero?

Regional finalists will win admittance in an executive education course and feature in next year's SMB Heroes, 2018 

National finalists will win a trip to Google APAC HQ in Singapore. Google will also publish and promote their business story  and they will be featured in next year's Digital Unlocked in 2018 and SMB Heroes, 2018.

How can I apply for SMB Heroes?

Applying is easy. Just visit the apply page on this website.

Who will be evaluating all the submissions?

There will be 2 juries, each corresponding to a round of selection. 

The first round of SMB Heroes will be conducted at the regional level across 5 zones, with submissions evaluated by a jury of Google India's business leaders. Three businesses from each region will be selected on the basis of predefined criteria - one for each category.

In the final round, all the regional SMB Heroes will compete at the national level. All their submissions will be evaluated by a jury of industry experts, selected by Google to judge the competition.

The Finale jury will comprise of one representative from an industry body, one representative from Google and three independent parties. The jurists will evaluate competition submissions against a set of predefined judging criteria through voting and roundtable discussions.

How will I get to know the results?

If you are selected, you will receive an e-mail on the address provided by you in the registration form. A Google representative will also give you a call to get things rolling.

When & where SMB Heroes PR Roadshows will be held?

The SMB Heroes Roadshows will be held in May, 2017 in the following cities 

● Mysore ● Panaji ● Ahmedabad ● Chandigarh ● Kolkata

Will Google pay for my travel, boarding & lodging if I decide to attend a PR Roadshow?

Google will take care of all your travel, boarding & lodging only if you are selected as a regional or national SMB Hero. 

I am having issues with the site functioning properly. Who should I reach out to?

If you are facing any issues regarding our site, please write to us at smbheroes2017@google.com.

Can I apply for SMB Heroes from my tablet or smartphone?

Yes, of course. The platform is optimized for all screens and sizes.

How do I contact the SMB Heroes team?

We'd love to hear from you. Write to us at smbheroes2017@google.com.

Do I need to provide any proof/documents to prove that I am eligible for SMB Heroes?

Once you are shortlisted, you will be asked to submit identification proof & some important documents to verify that your business falls under the Small & Medium Business category as defined by the Government of India. 

What is the basic selection criteria to apply for SMB Heroes?

If your business has used the Internet in some form or the other to grow your business, you are eligible to apply for SMB Heroes. It could be as simple as taking orders on mobile chat platforms like Whatsapp or Google Allo, as big as enabling a CRM system to maintain a happier customer base.